Immigration on Kentucky Tonight

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

I read a recent piece which said when the topic is illegal immigration, some of our political leaders reliably produce more heat than light.

That was on display Thursday in Arizona in a packed courtroom when top Arizona officials and a judge held hearings on whether the state’s new immigration law should take effect amid a flurry of legal challenges.

We don’t have a courtroom at KET, just a television studio, but it will enable us to produce heat and light Monday night on Kentucky Tonight when the topic is immigration. Our guests include:

  • Becca O’Neill, an immigration attorney from Lousiville
  • Kent Masterson Brown, a Lexington lawyer
  • Doug Roy, president, Kentuckians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement
  • Kate Miller, ACLU of Kentucky program associate on immigration policy

I hope you can join us!

6 Responses to “Immigration on Kentucky Tonight”

  1. Kristy Bean says:

    I think a point that continues to be overlooked with regards to immigration is the cause behind the flood of Mexican immigrants into our country. The passing of NAFTA has created such a poor economic situation in Mexico that families are left with little choice but to cross the border and seek a better way of life: work, food, shelter, and safety. If you recall the message on our Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teamming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Unless you are 100% Native American, then you too come from a heritage of immigrants. Consider the situation that we have helped to create in Mexico and remember to “Love Thy Neighbo

    City/County: Danville

  2. Amar Khadey says:

    Of course the imigration laws need to be enforced, why not go after the source of the probelm by cracking down on the employers. Mr Roy suggests that he has no idea of how many illegals are hired in his city, all you have to do is go around town and the number of latinos working on a roof job-its more than 90%, he knows exactly the number, he has stats on everything else.
    Crack down and lock up just as vigirously the employers and the employed of undocumented workers, it goes both ways.

    City/County: Louisville

  3. Kristy Bean says:

    It was obvious that Mr. Roy was making up his stats as he went along. At one point he even followed up a stat by saying, “I maybe wrong.” The fact is, the immigration “problem” has been trumped up to the point that the facts have been lost in the hype. Furthermore, as I already stated, we need to look at the root cause of the problem in order to fix the problem. Unless we act in such a way as to improve the Mexican way of life in their own homeland, then we will not accomplish a single thing by way of reducing immigration.

    City/County: Danville

  4. David Millin says:

    The way I see things with the immigration situation is this: We as Americans and legal citizens of this country need to back the state of Arizona and the laws that they have applied. We need to protect our country and our way of life. Not only for ourselves , but for our kids and their kids and their kids and so on! I myself have ties to immigration , my mother immigrated here from Japan a long time ago. But she learned to speak, read, and write English and very well for that matter. She also did what was necessary to become a Legal citizen of the United States. I don’t see this happening with the illegals from Mexico! Sure they want to be here, but they want to play by their own set rules ,not ours! I go to the store to shop and all i hear is spanish being spoken to and by the Mexican children and their parents.Why? Because their parents don’t want to speak English and don’t want them to either. They want them to carry on the Mexican traditions. As far as I am concerned, they can carry them on in Mexico!!! The economic situation in Mexico is not good, but on the other hand it’s not good here either! Do you see any other country in world coming to bail us out? Or for that matter ,even try to assist us? No, we don’t! So , why should we play “Savior” to them. I feel for them( the Mexicans) but, we have our OWN that need to be attend to FIRST! Not them!!! I may have Japanese in me, but I am an American, and PROUD of it and Proud to have been born and raised in this great country.

    City/County: buffalo,ky

  5. Kristy Bean says:

    Making blanket statements about a group of people is wrong headed at best. Not ALL Mexican immigrants refuse to speak the language and as far as wanting to keep their culture, they have every right. It is no different than some Asian Americans who may want to put a Buddhist Shrine in their homes and take their shoes off at the door. We, as Americans pride ourselves on our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is no clause in there that says “only if you are like us”. I find your comment Mr. Millin to be not only rude, but misinformed.

    City/County: Danville

  6. Jessica Goforth says:

    Okay is anyone thinkin about all the Mexican American children there are now. So now your just going to take their parents away from them send them back to Mexico..When the mexicans are the ones that work there *** off here doing the jobs the americans dont want to do…I understand take the drug dealers out …the mexican gangs.whatever but the ones here that have built a life and have families I dont think its fair to send them back…theres no good in takin a childs parent away from them …..

    City/County: Versailles ky

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