Andy and Ben on Monday Night

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

It’s the Andy Barr and Ben Chandler show on KET’s Kentucky Tonight candidate program this coming Monday evening.

This will be their first, and possibly only, joint appearance of the campaign season.

Chandler was first elected in February 2004 to represent the 6th Congressional District. He sits on the powerful House Committee on Appropriations.

Barr is a Lexington lawyer, worked in the administration of Governor Ernie Fletcher, and is seeking his first elective office.

As with all of our candidate programs this fall as part of our Election 2010 What Matters to You? coverage, we want you to participate. If you live in the 6th district (which includes 15 counties), give us your name, town, or county in an email, Facebook message, or phone call and we’ll get to as many of you as we can. You can send questions in advance or during the program by phone (800-494-7605) and email ( The program is closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired; the number for TDD calls is 800-395-5388.

The program is on Monday night, October 18th at 8/7 CT. If it matters to you, let the candidates know how you feel.

5 Responses to “Andy and Ben on Monday Night”

  1. Minou Salehi says:

    I think Andy Barr is obnoxious and unbelievable. I do not like his politics. He would take this district backward not forward.

    City/County: Lexington

  2. Brian Goettl says:

    Mr. Goodman was a mediocre moderator tonight at best. It was though he was interviewing Mr. Chandler, and Mr. Barr was an after thought. In the final half hour, Bill directed twice as many questions to Ben Chandler, than Andy Barr. Chandler always got a follow up question.

    It’s also too bad that Mr. Goodman wasn’t informed enough to challenge Mr. Chandler on his repeated assertions that President Bush’s policies caused the recession. Mr. Goodman should have asked Mr. Chandler to name one policy. The congressman fumbled around at the end of the debate, after a question was posed by a caller, with some strange gobbledeygook about how President Bush didn’t put in enough regulations.

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that the Bush policies of tax cuts, deficit spending and fighting wars without paying for them caused the recession. But,if that were true, why didn’t the Democrats end the Bush Tax Cuts in 2009? Why did the Democrats increase deficit spending if it caused a recession? Why did the Democrats escalate one war while continuing the other without paying for either, if it caused an economic “catastrophe”? The answer is that Mr. Geithner was just making up excuses.

    The fact of the matter is that the economy went downhill after Mr. Chandler’s party took control of Congress in 2007. His party increased job killing government regulations. His party promised increasesd taxes which had negative job consequences. His party mandated across the board mandatory wage increases that impacted employment negatively, and pushed the economy into recession one year after they took power.

    Mr. Chandler’s party also pushed “global warming” (referred to as “climate change” by liberals now that global warming has been debunked) fear mongering in early 2008. Barack Obama went around the country telling Americans to stop consuming so many resources and to stop buying “gas guzzling vehicles”, then blamed Bush when GM and Chrysler went bankrupt. The “stop consuming” message in an economy driven by 70% consumer spending, along with Mr. Chandler’s party’s long dreamed of $4.00/gallon gasoline in the spring and summer of 2008 pushed the soft recession into a hard landing. That in turned push the mortgage backed securities industry over the edge.

    Mr. Goodman wasn’t informed enough to challenge Mr. Chandler’s asertion that the deficits are a function of the president. In fact, only Congress has the constitutional power of the purse. A president canot spend a dime unless Congress has approved it. And Mr. Chandler’s party approved spending that produced a then record $467 billion deficit in 2008, an all time record of $1.4+ trillion in 2009, and another $1.3 trillion in 2010. Yet Chandler blamed Bush, and Goodman let him get away with it.

    Mr. Goodman also missed the chance to challenge Congressman Chandler’s assertion that the social security money had not been spent. In fact, social security revenue has exceeded expenditures so far, but that excess revenue has already been spent and replaced with government IOU’s. Social Security has an unfunded liability in the tens of trillions of dollars, yet Mr. Goodman let Chandler off the hook.

    Unfortunately, Andy Barr was not given enough time to address all of the factually challenged statements of the congressman. Mr. Goodman made sure of that.

    The next time Mr. Goodman is given the chance to moderate an important debate, I would hope he would educate himself on the issues, and maybe even the constitution. But, KET, like all government funded programs has a liberal bias. KET has refused to give conservatives an equal voice, though we pay it’s bills equally. But, our voices wil be heard at the polls across the country on election day.

    City/County: Nicholasville

  3. Tom Dupree says:

    It appears Mr. Barr smells blood. It appears Mr. Chandler squirmed. And squirm he should.

    City/County: Lexington, Fayette

  4. Dan Cahalan, Ph.D. says:

    Barr was right to strongly object to Chandler’s vote for Markey-Waxman with its cap-and-trade tax. This bill is based on bad science and bad economics.

    Chandler-backed cap-and-trade is based on bad science. Earth has naturally warmed and cooled before burning of coal and oil –as happened during the warm Medieval era and cool Colonial era. Solar activity, oceanic inversions, and orbital wobble are natural factors in climate change. Arctic air temperature over the past 130 years correlates with sun spots, not with generation of carbon dioxide. According to a model, doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide would cause only an average rise of 0.02 degree C, and halving it would cause only an average decrease of 0.02 degree C. Over 9,000 Ph.D. scientists signed a statement that carbon dioxide is only a negligible contributor to warming. (By the way, if liberals don’t like carbon dioxide, why don’t they complete the Yucca Mt. storage facility and reduce regulations against nuclear power.)

    Chandler-backed cap-and-trade would do great harm to America’s economy but provide only ~0.05 degree C reduction in avg. temperature over the next 25 years. The cap-and-trade tax would cause a net loss of ~1 million American jobs over 25 years and an annual cost of ~$750/American. Especially hurt would be Kentucky’s coal industry and electricity-consuming facilities, including Georgetown’s Toyota factory. Obama admitted that cap-and-trade would cause electricity cost to “skyrocket”.

    Chandler pleased Pelosi and Obama with his vote for cap-and-trade. Well, at least we should be grateful that they aren’t yet trying to tax breathing, based on how much carbon dioxide a person exhales, unless that person plants a lot of grass and trees to absorb his carbon dioxide.

    City/County: Georgetown, Scott

  5. Charles A. Bowsher says:

    @dan calahan- Actually one third of the stimulus money went to projects, one third went to saving fire-fighters, police and teachers jobs, the other third went to a tax break for all Americans which was in the form of reduced payroll taxes I believe.

    As for your comments about Cap and Trade I would point out the following facts. While coal is important to the poorest regions of Kentucky, it is also true that in spite of hundreds of billions of dollars in resources being taken from the area the overall standard of living has not improved, their environment is being devastated, the streams that aren’t buried under hundreds of feet of “fill” are being poisoned by coal slurry leaks and the remaining streams and rivers in Kentucky yield fish that are unfit to eat because of the concentration of heavy metals like mercury. It is long past time for the coal companies and their Robber Baron owners be brought to justice, and be made to pay for the real cost of coal to Kentucky. They are not friends of the people of the mountains, they are bloodsuckers, greedy for profits at whatever cost. They have exploited and devastated a once beautiful area. Cap and Trade is what is known as an adult solution to a long ignored problem.

    City/County: Lexington, KY

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