Back to the Business of Kentucky Issues

Friday, July 29th, 2011

While Washington flounders, we’re shifting our focus from the debate over the debt ceiling on Kentucky Tonight to state issues confronting Kentuckians.

With Fancy Farm only a week away, the governor’s race right around the corner, what are the key issues that citizens of the state are concerned about?

We’ll ask lawmakers, key members of the state legislature who will join me Monday night on the program. They are:

- Kentucky House Majority Whip Tommy Thompson, D-Owensboro

- Kentucky State Representative Adam Koenig, R-Erlanger

- Kentucky Senate Minority Floor Leader R.J. Palmer, D-Winchester

- Senate Majority Floor Leader Robert Stivers, R-Manchester

Tune in Monday at 8/7 pm CT on KET. Let us know how you feel about these matters by sending questions to (please include name and town or county) or using the message form at the Kentucky Tonight website. For questions during the program, call (800) 494-7605.




One Response to “Back to the Business of Kentucky Issues”

  1. william hale says:

    The PVA stops new vehicle salesand stops people from retiring in Ky. It needs to go by the wayside.

    City/County: frankfort

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