Pain and Prayer during Governor’s Budget Address

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

If you missed KET’s coverage of Governor Steve Beshear’s budget address Tuesday, you might have missed The Prayer.

If you turned away from the TV or radio for just a moment, at the top of the hour, you may have failed to catch Dr. Hershael York of the Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort as he delivered The Prayer.

After a few comments on the Governor’s speech, we’ll get to that prayer.

Governor Beshear made good on remarks made to legislators two weeks ago during his State of the Commonwealth address that his proposal could contain deep cuts.

Last night he said: “The budget requires painful cuts that may well force us to retreat on some core services and that risks jeopardizing progress we’ve made over the decades in education.”

Now, The Prayer.

Prayer is not uncommon before gubernatorial speeches and regular sessions of the General Assembly. Dr. York was asked to deliver the invocation by Senate President David Williams a couple of weeks ago.

As everyone knows, expanded gambling is a hot topic in Kentucky right now. Most thought Governor Beshear would include some mention of the issue in his remarks, and he did. But very few thought the subject would be the central theme of the invocation.

I caught up with Dr. York in the Atlanta airport Wednesday morning. He told me he had received a number of emails and Tweets since he delivered the Tuesday prayer; he said it had taken him about ten minutes to write down what he wanted to say. His opposition to expanding gambling in the state comes from the pastoral work he’s done over the years. York asked God to “help us foster salaries, not slot machines”  and says his opposition to gaming is on moral grounds, not financial.

Here is Dr. Hershael York’s prayer before a joint session of the legislature prior to Governor Beshear’s budget speech.

Following the prayer, I have posted the portion of Governor Beshear’s speech on expanded gambling.

2 Responses to “Pain and Prayer during Governor’s Budget Address”

  1. Helen M says:

    Hi Bill,

    I thought this was a VERY thoughtful and informative presentation of the expanded gambling quandary. Thank you!

    City/County: Lexington

  2. Kent Hall says:

    I agree with the prayer. We can vote on it but I’ll vote no.

    City/County: Louisville, KY

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