Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Initiatives

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

The second item on page 16 of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 Legislative Agenda reads, “Expand Gaming to Support Kentucky’s Equine Industry.” Chamber members can now take a red marking pencil and draw a line through that initiative for this session of the General Assembly.

As we discussed Monday night on Kentucky Tonight, the effort to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot to approve expanded gambling failed to pass the state Senate last week. But, according to Dave Adkisson, president of the Kentucky Chamber, there is still time left in the session to pass meaningful and important legislation his members are supporting.

Along with prioritizing state government spending, modernizing Medicaid, improving the health and wellness of all Kentuckians, which would include enacting a statewide smoke-free law—the chamber has always pushed a number of education goals.

In this “After the Show” segment, Adkisson told me some of the issues the chamber would continue to work on during this session of the General Assembly.

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