Ongoing Storm Focus

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

The clean-up and damage assessment from the tornadoes that ripped through Kentucky last week continues—and will for weeks to come.

The governor and lieutenant governor have praised Kentuckians affected by the storms as being tough and resilient in the face of the disasters.

However, a number of questions must be addressed: when will damaged schools be reopened, when will permanent shelters be constructed for the homeowners who lost everything on March 2, when will federal aid begin to reach these areas, how long will it be before these communities return to some semblance of “normal.”

Kentucky Life host Dave Shuffett and producer Brandon Wickey were in West Liberty this week for our KET special report on the storms. Here, they reflect on what they saw and talk about plans for a Kentucky Life special that will cover the rebuilding efforts in the areas hit by the storms.

You can watch Storm Recovery: Special Report online. Also, please check out our web section on how to deal with this natural disaster and how to prepare for future ones. You’ll find resources on how to help your child or adolescent deal with this tough time; links to PBS kid’s programs that explore natural disasters; and preparedness advice for the future.

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