A Fierce Job Market for Recent Graduates

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

After Kentucky Tonight’s show, Jobs and the Economy, which aired last night, Bill Goodman asked Anne Evans, KET’s Public Affairs intern and recent college graduate, to write about her experiences looking for work.

From Anne:

In addition to working as an intern at KET, I work as a personal assistant. As I walked through the mall while looking for something for my boss, song lyrics about staying tough and strong caught my attention. As I have applied to over twenty jobs in the past month and have not heard back from a single company, these lyrics immediately made me think of my attempts to find a full-time job. The lyrics were encouraging and motivating, exactly what I need right now.

This isn’t a profound statement by any means, but the current job market is extremely competitive. I would argue that the competition is especially fierce for recent graduates. It seems as if every job opening requires at least a year of experience in whichever field that job is in. I’m quickly realizing, along with my peers, that figuring out how to get your foot in the door may be the most difficult part of entering the working world.

Keeping a positive mindset while persistently searching and applying for jobs has helped me to stay focused and motivated. That, of course, is much easier said than done. Without a steady job that pays well, many recent graduates (myself included) are living at home. And while I am happy to be living with my family and I am thankful that they are willing and able to support me right now, the fact that I am unable to support myself makes me feel as if I am less of an adult. I think my mindset is pretty common among my peers. Patient persistence—staying tough and strong—is the name of the game now. Until then, I’ll enjoy the time at home with the family and will look forward to the work the future holds.

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