Thanksgiving Thoughts

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

The very thoughtful Tom Fitzgerald, executive director of the Kentucky Resources Council, seems to always think good things and kind thoughts about everyone. On holidays and other special occasions, he posts on Facebook and sends emails which include small bits of wisdom and gracious aphorisms.

For Thanksgiving, he gives us the gift of verse from Marian Wright Edelman. Edelman is the president and founder of the Children’s Defense Fund.

As a way of saying Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, here’s Edelman’s composition—I don’t think she or Fitzgerald would mind.

GOD, we thank You for this food
for the hands that planted it
for the hands that tended it
for the hands that harvested it
for the hands that prepared it

for the hands that provided it
and for the hands that served it.

And we pray for those without enough food
in Your world and in our land of plenty. Amen

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