Time, Rust, and Junk E-mail: Relentless

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Here’s what’s clogging my in-box today:

  • At Home with Al Capone—an opportunity to introduce your audience to Deidre Marie Capone, the last living member of the Capone family.
  • Alex Young’s “Christmas Kiss” — a special holiday medley produced to provide relief, raise kid’s spirits and brighten the holiday.
  • The Bipartisan Collection — bronze sculptures of three donkeys and three elephants, balancing on one foot, sliding into victory, and belly laughing on their backs.
  • Author David Thomas Roberts is available to share his views on the election and his book “Patriots of Treason.”

ENOUGH! Please quit sending these to me!

I get hundreds of these each week and, most of the time, hit delete before taking a breath, never opening them, and never reading them.

Sure, it’s nice to get informative e-mail, but these folks must know that KET is some kind of media company and think, erroneously, KET is set up to record live satellite conversations or radio interviews and have programs where their clients might see the light of day.

I have tried, really tried, to “unsubscribe” to all of them. That works for about a day. Then—they’re back.

Does anyone out there have an idea how to unclog my in-box? Maybe one of the marketing firms can send me an author or book on that!

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