KET Special Tonight With David Walker

Monday, February 4th, 2013

We found out late last week that Congress sent President Obama legislation raising the debt ceiling. That delays, at least until later this year, a government default. It also gives Congress and the president some time before they go back to the negotiating table on the next tax-and-spend clash which is surely to occur.

This is the very subject a distinguished American brought to a University of Kentucky audience just a few days ago.

Former United States Comptroller General (sort-of the chief federal auditor) David Walker was in town to visit with students at the Martin School for Public Policy and Administration and make an appearance at the Singletary Center.

Our KET cameras were there. You’ll see Walker in a very understandable speech about the debt and deficit crisis facing this country, a panel discussion with two Kentuckians and a Q & A with audience members tonight at 9/8 Central on KET, immediately following “Kentucky Tonight.”

Here are a few things Walker had to say to the audience at UK:

Remember to watch KET tonight for “Kentucky Tonight” at 8/7 Central for a discussion on industrial hemp, followed by David Walker and The Fiscal Cliff at 9/8 Central.

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