Quiz Answers and Hemp vs. the Heat

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

For all of you who participated in the first-ever Robert Stivers Groundhog Day Trivia Contest, the answers are below. If you didn’t get to take the quiz, there’s still time—just be sure you don’t cheat by reading the answers first. The contest ran over the weekend, just a couple of Bill’s Eye blog posts ago.

1)Robert’s hometown is London in Laurel County. You might hear him talk a lot about Manchester in Clay County because that’s where he lives now is and part of the senate district he represents. But, make no mistake, he was “raised up” in London.

2)The president of the Kentucky State Senate has a two-year degree from Sue Bennett College. Sue Bennett was a private school in London that was founded in 1897, but closed in 1997. Robert graduated from U.K. and has a law degree from the University of Louisville.

3)Robert’s mother had a degree from Harvard. She was a Massachusetts girl who graduated from Simmons College and then earned a master’s degree from Harvard before she came to Kentucky to work in Appalachia.

4)Robert was born on Christmas Eve, 1961.

5)Stivers was a Little Leaguer with KET commentator, columnist, author, and Louisville lawyer John David Dyche.

Well, there you have it. If you got all five correct, pat yourself on the back and tell the president of the senate you took the Robert Stivers Groundhog Day quiz and passed with flying colors.

Monday’s “Kentucky Tonight” show might have been billed as “Hemp versus Heat” as Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and former state treasurer Jonathan Miller sat down with Ky. State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer and Operation UNITE vice-president Dan Smoot to discuss legalizing industrial hemp. It might have been the first time both sides of this very controversial issue have been side-by-side to trade blows over the hemp issue. They haven’t made a lot of joint (excuse me) appearances to debate the subject.

Here’s an exchange from the program over the distinctions between growing industrial hemp and marijuana in Kentucky:

Watch the entire program at www.ket.org .

Finally, if Tom Loftus’s recent Courier-Journal interview with Mary Lassiter (secretary of the governor’s  cabinet)  was a preview of what we’ll hear Wednesday night in Beshear’s  State of the Commonwealth address, it could be a short speech.

Lassiter was quoted as saying, “there’s no money for anything.”

The governor might consider Tweeting his speech in; I’ll bet he could do it in 140 characters.

Regardless, KET will be there with the speech, interviews, and analysis. Kenny Colston, from Kentucky Public Radio will join Renee Shaw and I starting at 7/6 C on KET and online.

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