Tracey Damron’s “Trail of Feathers”

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

To say that Pikeville-native Tracey Damron has had an interesting life is an understatement.

In her forthcoming book, “A Trail of Feathers,” Damron tells how she was born into a life of privilege. That path seemed destined to continue when she married Steve Nunn, a long-time state representative and son of former Kentucky Governor Louie B. Nunn. She describes her relationship with Steve as a ten-year fairy tale marriage.

But things began to sour for the couple after the death of Governor Nunn. Damron says Steve’s personality changed dramatically. She writes about her divorce from Steve, and provides details on his murder of ex-fiancee Amanda Ross in 2009. Steve Nunn is now serving a life sentence for that crime.

Damron talks about all of this on One to One this Sunday at 1 p.m. on KET.

As she describes in her book and in our conversation, Damron’s encounters with love, death, murder, political power, and deception led her on a journey of self-discovery and, eventually, the practice of Native American medicine.

Damron also discusses the first time she met Steve Nunn at a campaign event in Glasgow:

Following the broadcast of One to One, you can hear more of Damron’s story in a web-only interview that we’ll post Sunday afternoon. In it, she talks about the mysterious death of another man in her life, Christopher Haven Peck.

“A Trail of Feathers” will be published in early August.

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