Owsley Brown III Previews the Festival of Faiths

Friday, May 9th, 2014

When the 19th annual Festival of Faiths opens Tuesday evening in Louisville, hundreds will gather to explore what event chairman Owsley Brown III describes as the mystery of life, which “continues to elude science, of course, and can only truly be grasped through faith.”

Brown joins Bill Goodman this weekend for a conversation about his work and the Festival on One to One. The program airs Sunday at 1 p.m. on KET.

Born into the family known for its global bourbon and spirits business, Brown has made a name himself as a winemaker and a documentary film producer. His recent film “Music Makes a City” explored the music-commissioning project that brought Louisville and its orchestra international acclaim in the 1950s. That documentary aired earlier this year on nearly 300 PBS stations around the country, including KET.

Brown’s parents helped found the Center for Interfaith Relations, which sponsors the Festival of Faiths. He says the Center and the Festival are designed create safe, welcoming spaces where conversations about the deepest questions of life can occur.

Each festival is built around a specific theme, and Brown says the topic for this year is a direct extension of ideas explored in previous gatherings.

The daily themes for the 2014 Festival of Faiths include “Re-imagining the Earth-Self Relationship,” “Awakening the Dreamer,” and “Nurturing the Spiritual and Physical Through Food and Farming.” Wednesday evening, the festival will feature a conversation called “Distant Neighbors” between Kentucky writer Wendell Berry and Pulitzer-Prize winning poet and essayist Gary Snyder from the University of California at Davis. Learn more about the Festival.

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