Remembering John Seigenthaler

Friday, July 18th, 2014

John Seigenthaler made a difference in the 86 years he lived on this earth.

Last week, journalists, members of the civil rights movement, defenders of the First Amendment, and ordinary folks gathered in Nashville for his funeral service.

Seigenthaler was a legendary reporter and editor for The Tennessean newspaper, adviser to the Kennedy family, acclaimed author, and host of a book discussion program on Nashville Public Television. He founded the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University, and he was the editorial director of USA Today when it first rolled off the presses in 1982.

As a young reporter in Nashville, I was fortunate to be in his presence a few times. When he came to the University of Kentucky to speak seven years ago, Seigenthaler sat down with me for a One to One conversation about his life. Still passionate about every aspect of his past and present, he had everyone’s attention in the studio listening to his stories.

Click here for a look back at that program.

One Response to “Remembering John Seigenthaler”

  1. Russell Estes says:

    Bill, looks like you have a problem, not letting the Libertarian candidate for Senator in the debate. Why do you want to be so undemocratic and not let all the view be expressed. Also, why can you not find McConnell’s real name. And whose secretary is this Lundergan?

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