Health care on Kentucky Tonight

Monday, October 26th, 2009

On Kentucky Tonight this evening, we’re going to wade once again into the deep and turbulent waters of health care reform. That may be a tad dramatic, but to the millions of people who are uninsured in America, or work for an insurance company, or might be employed by a county hospital in Kentucky…the outcome of the debate in Washington over what type of health care reform emerges from the debate is very important.

Scheduled guests are:
- Dr. Susan Bornstein, a Louisville gynecologist
- Dr. Michael Macfarlane, a Louisville urologist
- Bill Londrigan, president of the Kentucky State AFL-CIO
- Bradford Blain, a member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Kentucky and state legislative chair for the Kentucky Association of Health Underwriters

I would imagine our guests will want to talk about the so-called public option. After being left out of the Senate bill which came out of committee for consideration and after many pundits and politicians had given up on a public option, the concept is gaining some strength in both the U.S. House and Senate.

One of the areas we will explore regarding the public option is which type of public option–there are three types being discussed.

Join us tonight on Kentucky Tonight at 8/7 CT for the program and send me an email question or comment. I sure would appreciate it!

One Response to “Health care on Kentucky Tonight”

  1. Jennifer Decker says:

    Dr. Bornstein is amazing. She decries those who worry about the cost of a public option, but she is VERY concerned about what various options will do to HER practice. Her own finances interest her, but the country’s finances don’t concern her at all.

    Also, she advocates a public option, while whining about how bad Medicare reimbursement is. She is truly confused

    Dr. Macfarlane is the lone voice of reason on your panel

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