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Phone Deregulation Debate

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

People like to complain about the weather—and the phone company.

Except today, it’s not the phone company, it’s the cellular conglomerate that controls what device you own or lease to make and receive calls. It’s also about what service you have a contract with or use because there is no other one offered. In some parts of Kentucky, your choices are limited.

Sometimes, like the weather, you can’t do a lot about it — except complain.

There was a lot of that on “Kentucky Tonight” Monday night. Proponents of Senate Bill 88, backed by AT&T, say the simple message behind the bill is an advanced, broadband communication technology essential for Kentucky’s future. (Note: the Senate passed the bill; vote was Feb. 14)

Opponents argue that the legislation could allow telephone companies to abandon land lines in rural areas where there aren’t many customers.

That was at the heart of the discussion Monday night between AT&T Attorney Patrick Turner and Tom Fitzgerald, director of the Kentucky Resources Council.

During the discussion, Turner said it was about phone company competition, which would require AT&T to maintain a robust network of phone service throughout the state; Fitzgerald disagreed and said that the consumers would be left with only three options if the bill passes and is signed into law.

The bill now moves to the state House of Representatives where it could possibly receive more discussion and a possible floor vote.

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