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After the Show with Al Cross

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Days, hours, minutes away from Election Day 2012 and the hits just keep on a comin’!

Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes predicts a record number of voters will cast ballots next Tuesday. There are 130,000 more registered voters in Kentucky compared with 2008.

In a new campaign spot in the state’s 6th congressional district, Congressman Ben Chandler uses his Grandfather Happy Chandler and the singing of My Old Kentucky Home as a way to remind voters of their kinship—what does this say about how tight this race is with Republican Andy Barr?

And, in perhaps the most furious final few days anyone has seen for decades in Kentucky, state house Democratic and Republican legislators and contenders are battling for gains or holding on to their seats in what will turn out to be a very closely watched series of races Tuesday evening.

We’re watching it all.

Al Cross, columnist, professor, director of the Institute for Rural Journalism at UK and a KET political analyst will be on One to One this Sunday. Today, I asked him what he will watch for between now and when we’re on the air Tuesday night with our election returns. Here’s what he said.

Al will join Renee Shaw and me, along with analysts Jennifer Moore and John David Dyche Tuesday night at 7/6 CT for our coverage of election 2012. I hope you can join us.

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