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After the Show with Al Cross

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Days, hours, minutes away from Election Day 2012 and the hits just keep on a comin’!

Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes predicts a record number of voters will cast ballots next Tuesday. There are 130,000 more registered voters in Kentucky compared with 2008.

In a new campaign spot in the state’s 6th congressional district, Congressman Ben Chandler uses his Grandfather Happy Chandler and the singing of My Old Kentucky Home as a way to remind voters of their kinship—what does this say about how tight this race is with Republican Andy Barr?

And, in perhaps the most furious final few days anyone has seen for decades in Kentucky, state house Democratic and Republican legislators and contenders are battling for gains or holding on to their seats in what will turn out to be a very closely watched series of races Tuesday evening.

We’re watching it all.

Al Cross, columnist, professor, director of the Institute for Rural Journalism at UK and a KET political analyst will be on One to One this Sunday. Today, I asked him what he will watch for between now and when we’re on the air Tuesday night with our election returns. Here’s what he said.

Al will join Renee Shaw and me, along with analysts Jennifer Moore and John David Dyche Tuesday night at 7/6 CT for our coverage of election 2012. I hope you can join us.

Days Away: Are You Happy?!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Unless you just landed from another planet, you know we’re only days away from November 6th — Election Day 2012.

I realize that some of you don’t really care. You think this whole process has gone on too long, you don’t care who wins or loses because it won’t make any difference in how Washington operates, you’re sick and tired of campaign attack ads, and your list goes on.

I’m not in that camp. I think it’s been a fascinating election season — an opportunity to learn more about how Congress works, an education in such arcane realities as the “fiscal cliff” and how Medicare works—I realize this paints me as a complete wonk and a lost cause for anything sane and settled, but I’ll be sorry to see election day come and go.

There are a few days left. We at KET, Kentucky Tonight, and One to One will do our best to keep you entertained and informed right up to the last minute.

On One to One this Sunday, KET political analyst, Louisville lawyer, Courier-Journal columnist, and author, John David Dyche will be on the set to talk politics. Next week’s guest, writer, professor, and commentator,  Al Cross will weigh in on the election.
On Kentucky Tonight, Monday, I’ll have candidates from the 6th Congressional District at the table for the final candidate forum of the season.

Next week, I’ll tell you what we have in store for our pre-election show on Nov. 5th and plans for KET/PBS election coverage on Nov. 6th.

When John David stepped away from the table after we had taped our program this week, I asked him to share with you three things viewers and fellow wonks could look for between now and Election Day. Here’s what he said.

One to One airs Sunday at 1/noon CT and Tuesday at 7:30/6:30 pm CT on KET2.

Cross Handicaps the General Election

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I love the first line of Al Cross’s column in the Sunday edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal’s Forum section. You will, too.

Al gave me a sneak peak of his piece when he came in to tape this week’s One to One which airs this Sunday at 1/noon CT on KET. During our conversation, we discussed a lot of different elements of the 2012 general election including voters who will stay home, Governor Beshear’s big lead, and whether or not the Kentucky Tea Party, which was such a big factor in last November’s U.S. Senate race between Jack Conway and Rand Paul, will show up on election day. Where will their votes go this year?

Don’t forget: We have two more  election-related programs: Kentucky Tonight on Monday will feature the party chairs and our political analysts discussing what might happen on election day—our election-night coverage begins at 7/6 CT. I hope you’ll be with us the entire evening.







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