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2013 Session Begins With Hope and Promise

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Update: Video from Monday night’s Ky. Tonight program with Gov. Behsear, House Speaker Stumbo, and Sen. President Stivers was added Wednesday afternoon. See below.

Tuesday was the official first day of the 2013 session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

Lawmakers in the House and Senate gaveled in at noon and had adjourned by early afternoon.

They were expected to do that. The session won’t really get underway until the first of February; this month some new members of the legislature will attend ethics training, committee meetings will be conducted and additional bills will be filed.

In the Senate there were several new faces in leadership positions; Robert Stivers, a Republican from Manchester, was elected president of the Senate. Damon Thayer, a Georgetown Republican, will serve as the majority floor leader.
Monday night President Stivers joined Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo and Governor Steve Beshear on “Kentucky Tonight.”

This was the first time all three had been together on statewide television for a discussion of the issues facing lawmakers during the 2013 session. This week at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Chamber Day event in Lexington they will be on the stage to speak to a sold-out dinner crowd of more than 1,500.
KET will have that event on the air next Monday night at 9/8 CT following “Kentucky Tonight.”

On Monday’s “Kentucky Tonight” program, I asked Gov. Beshear to tell us the number one bill and issue on his mind this year and asked Stumbo and Stivers to comment on the governor’s choice.

The Wait Is Over

Friday, January 4th, 2013

No, not for the new season of “Downton Abbey,” which begins on KET Sunday at 9/8 pm CT.

The wait I’m talking about is everyone’s favorite drama playing at the state capitol in Frankfort for the next 30 days—the 2013 session of the General Assembly.

Lawmakers return to the city by the river next Tuesday, Jan. 8th for their “short” session; every other year they meet for a 60-day session. And, boy, do members have a lot on their plates.

This weekend on “One to One,” you’ll get to hear Gov. Steve Beshear outline what he’d like to see legislators tackle in the next few weeks. In addition to public employee pension reform, tax reform issues, and a rather interesting approach to getting an expanded gambling constitutional amendment on the ballot.  Beshear will also discuss his push to raise the age a young Kentuckian can legally stop attending public school from age 16 to age 18.

Then, on Monday night’s “Kentucky Tonight,” Beshear returns to KET and is joined by Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo of Prestonsburg and the new President-designate of the Senate Robert Stivers, of Manchester. Our topic, of course, will be the 2013 session of the General Assembly.

I hope you’ll be watching.

Frankfort in Foul Frame of Mind

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

This and That from the State Capital…

Media outlets are reporting the Kentucky House of Representatives is expected to send a suggested congressional map to the State Senate on Friday. It looks very much like the one House Speaker Greg Stumbo unveiled in November.

Our KET friend Ronnie Ellis, the excellent reporter for CNHI News Service, said in a column yesterday that “lawmakers have only been in town for six working days, but some will tell you it feels closer to 60 in terms of the mood and testiness.”

It’s all because of the redistricting process that members of the legislature suffer through after the census is taken every ten years. House Speaker Stumbo is quoted in the story as saying, “It does get contentious. There is difficulty, particularly when you talk about county lines.”

What’s left unsaid in that sentence from Stumbo is that things get rough when you talk about “splitting” county lines. Yes, the map for State House and Senate districts, as well as congressional districts, will look different.

Kenny Colson of Kentucky Public Radio reported yesterday that Governor Beshear could have a plan and a bill calling for a constitutional amendment on expanded gambling before February. The governor says he’s talking with both Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate about the legislation.

Next Monday night at 9 pm, Kentucky Tonight is preempted for important programs honoring the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday. My KET colleague Renee Shaw has produced and will host a wonderful program commemorating the broadcast a decade ago of the Kentucky civil rights movement, updating the story with current interviews and a discussion that includes former State Senator Georgia Davis Powers and Lexington Urban League President PG Peeples. Be sure and mark this one as a “must see” on your calendar!

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