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Kentucky’s Senators Sing Same Tune

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Both of Kentucky’s U.S. senators are keeping the pressure on President Obama regarding the fiscal cliff: Senior Senator Mitch McConnell said today on the Senate floor:

“For more than a year, President Obama and Democrats in Congress have known as well as I do that every single taxpayer is scheduled to get slammed with an automatic tax hike on January 1. And for an entire year they’ve been running out the clock. Think about it: for President Obama, there is no better outcome than for taxes to go up on everybody — everybody. Why? Because the only way to pay for the big government this president wants is by raising taxes on everybody — the super-rich, the rich, middle class, lower class, you name it.”

Of course, Senate Democrats disagree.

Meanwhile, negotiations continue between the president and Speaker Boehner, but the press and the public know very little about what’s being said.

Senator Rand Paul was in Kentucky last week for an appearance before a sold-out Commerce Lexington lunch. Paul came armed with a couple of boxes of his second book, “Government Bullies” and serious criticism of the president and Democrats for not addressing entitlement spending — Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — and backing away from including them in the fiscal cliff conversations.

Thanks to Mark Turner and Commerce Lexington for this portion of Paul’s remarks.

Please have a safe and happy holiday.

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