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Behind the Scenes at Winter Pledge

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Our fund drives are a team effort as dozens of KET staff members work to make it easy for you to enjoy our special programs. Of course the best part of the week is hearing from you with your pledges of support and your comments about public television.

We thought you might enjoy meeting some of the people who bring you Winter Pledge, so Production Assistant Kara Ferguson created this behind-the-scenes video tour.

Please call to renew your membership or to become a first-time contributor to KET. The telephone number is 800-866-0366, or you can make your pledge online. Thanks.

Bluegrass in the Bluegrass

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

When KET begins 25 hours of live coverage from the Kentucky Horse Park of the Festival of the Bluegrass on Thursday, you won’t find me pretending to be the consummate bluegrass music expert. I promise.

In fact, just like you, I’ll be more of a fan than critic or connoisseur of flat-picking guitar playing, dazzling breakdowns, and high lonesome harmony.

The Best of the Bluegrass celebration, or B.O.B., has been all over Lexington this week with great bluegrass concerts in a number of venues. To top it off, KET will present our first-ever live coverage of the Festival of the Bluegrass from the main stage at the Horse Park. You can watch online at or on TV. We start Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on KETKY, Friday at 2:30 p.m. on KET2, and Saturday at 2:30 p.m. on KET.

It’s the festival’s 40th anniversary. Craig Cornwell, KET’s director of programming and a musician himself, and I will be at the park doing interviews and introductions while the bands set up for their performances.

If you’ve never been to a music festival of any kind, this is a great opportunity. This festival will offer you a real flavor of the performers and their devotion to a form of American roots music that can trace its heritage back to the 18th century.

Along with three- and four-part harmonies that blend together like a finely aged Kentucky bourbon, you’ll find some talented amateur pickers and singers who won’t make it up on the stage. They gather around campfires at the park to jam until the wee hours, entertaining themselves and others who join in during the evening.

If you pause for a rendition of “Blue Moon of Kentucky” you might notice an outdoor grill with a chicken perched on a can of beer over the coals. Don’t be shy—ask for a bite of beer-can chicken that will melt in your mouth.

If you’re out at the Kentucky Horse Park Thursday, Friday, or Saturday for the Festival of the Bluegrass, stop by the KET interview tent and say hello. You won’t find better American music, friendlier people, or tastier beer-infused chicken anywhere. What a way to start the summer!


Rep. Hal Rogers Talks Dollars and Defense

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Note from Bill Goodman: We continue our special series with Kentucky’s federal delegation from Washington, D.C., which began airing last week. My colleague Renee Shaw provides the highlights of tonight’s One to One interview with Rep. Hal Rogers, which airs on KET tonight at 6:30 ET.

Eastern Kentucky Rep. Harold “Hal” Rogers has represented the 5th District since 1981. As his website touts, Rep. Rogers is the longest serving Kentucky Republican ever elected to federal office.

Now in his 17th term, he is chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee which is charged with approving government expenditures with the exception of entitlement programs. Rogers’ physical positioning in the Capitol demonstrates his level of influence. His Capitol office is near Speaker John Boehner’s office, other leadership digs, and House chambers.

Rogers represents one of the poorest congressional districts in the nation. The district’s problems are exacerbated by substance abuse and addiction, against which he’s waged a valiant fight and dedicated financial resources to fixing.

In tonight’s interview with Bill Goodman, Rogers talks about the drug scourge plaguing his southern and eastern Kentucky area. He is the only member of the Kentucky federal delegation who hasn’t endorsed other prominent state leaders’ push for industrial hemp legalization in Kentucky. His concern is that hemp legalization could complicate marijuana eradication efforts, and he also remains unconvinced of the crop’s economic viability. He characterizes himself as a “passive opponent” of hemp as he says he’s not waging an active fight against it.


Bill and Rep. Rogers also talk about the budget negotiation track, and he explains that only one-third of federal spending is actually appropriated.

As the chairman of the Subcommittee on Homeland Security, Rogers talks with Bill about cyber security, terrorism, and China – all of which he considers to be the biggest threats to Americans and the national economy.

The full interview airs tonight at 6:30 ET. Tomorrow night, the special One to One series of interviews with Kentucky’s congressional delegation concludes with 6th District Rep. Andy Barr.

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