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Friday, September 27th, 2013

There was something in the air at the Kentucky Center for the Arts in Louisville when KET visited there earlier this week. It was a sense of discovery, excitement, and curiosity. You might expect to experience those things at an event called the IdeaFestival, and, believe me, it was there.

The IdeaFestival is an annual conference that brings some of the world’s leading artists, scientists, and writers to Kentucky to explore innovation and creative thinking. The genius behind it all is Kris Kimel, president of the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation. Since founding the festival in 2000, he’s rubbed elbows and gray matter with a host of really smart people.

Alex Stone was among this year’s featured speakers. He’s a magician and writer who explains what magic teaches us about human nature and perception. Other speakers included Mother Falcon, a dynamic indie band from Austin, Texas; and folks from the Innocence Project, which uses DNA technology to exonerate people who have been wrongfully imprisoned. So you can see, the presentations cover a tremendous range of thought-provoking territory.

It’s hard to explain exactly what happens at an IdeaFestival if you’ve never attended one. Maybe this video recap of last year’s festival will give you a good sense of the creative chemistry the event inspires.

Renee Shaw and I attended this year’s gathering to interview several of the guest speakers. Renee talked with Stephen Saloom and Calvin Johnson of the Innocence Project for an future edition of her show, Connections. I spoke with Kevin Smokler for an upcoming One to One. He’s the author of “Practical Classics: 50 Reasons to Reread 50 Books You Haven’t Touched Since High School.” I think you’ll enjoy our conversation.

Until then, here a few behind-the-scenes photos of our crew hard at work to record these interviews.

Renee Shaw talks with Calvin Johnson of the Innocence Project at the IdeaFestival

Renee Shaw talks with Calvin Johnson, an Innocence Project exoneree.

Director Justin Allen monitors a recording at IdeaFestival

Director Justin Allen monitors the recording of Renee’s interview.

IdeaFestival photo of Bill Goodman, Kevin Smokler, and Roger Tremaine

Bill Goodman watches as audio engineer Roger Tremaine
places a microphone on guest Kevin Smoker.

David Dampier, Bill Goodman, Kevin Smokler.

Videographer David Dampier records Bill’s conversation with Kevin Smokler.

Prentice Walker monitors IdeaFestival recording.

Floor director Prentice Walker keeps an eye on things as Bill talks
with marine ecologist Rafe Sagarin.
(Photos by John Gregory for KET.)

Fischer and Gray on BEAM, Taxes, and Race Relations

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Mayors Greg Fischer of Louisville and Jim Gray of Lexington have developed a genuine friendship and a productive working relationship that long-time observers say benefits their cities.

Both mayors were elected in 2010, both graduated from Vanderbilt University, and both are native Kentuckians: Fischer is from Louisville, and Gray is from Glasgow. They also share strong business backgrounds: Fischer founded SerVend International and co-invented an automatic ice and beverage dispenser. Gray is the former CEO of Gray Construction.

They also share an enthusiasm for BEAM, the Bluegrass Economic Advancement Movement. That’s a regional economic partnership that unites the two medium-sized cities into a mega-region to help attract employers and highly skilled workers.

On a special live edition of One to One Monday night, we explored a number of issues and opportunities facing both cities, including BEAM and the local option sales tax, which both mayors want to see move through the 2014 General Assembly. I also asked them about the city of Detroit’s bankruptcy declaration, and the role of city mayors in facilitating productive race relations. Both men had interesting and compassionate responses:

You can watch the entire conversation here.

Days Away: Are You Happy?!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Unless you just landed from another planet, you know we’re only days away from November 6th — Election Day 2012.

I realize that some of you don’t really care. You think this whole process has gone on too long, you don’t care who wins or loses because it won’t make any difference in how Washington operates, you’re sick and tired of campaign attack ads, and your list goes on.

I’m not in that camp. I think it’s been a fascinating election season — an opportunity to learn more about how Congress works, an education in such arcane realities as the “fiscal cliff” and how Medicare works—I realize this paints me as a complete wonk and a lost cause for anything sane and settled, but I’ll be sorry to see election day come and go.

There are a few days left. We at KET, Kentucky Tonight, and One to One will do our best to keep you entertained and informed right up to the last minute.

On One to One this Sunday, KET political analyst, Louisville lawyer, Courier-Journal columnist, and author, John David Dyche will be on the set to talk politics. Next week’s guest, writer, professor, and commentator,  Al Cross will weigh in on the election.
On Kentucky Tonight, Monday, I’ll have candidates from the 6th Congressional District at the table for the final candidate forum of the season.

Next week, I’ll tell you what we have in store for our pre-election show on Nov. 5th and plans for KET/PBS election coverage on Nov. 6th.

When John David stepped away from the table after we had taped our program this week, I asked him to share with you three things viewers and fellow wonks could look for between now and Election Day. Here’s what he said.

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