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Field Trip, Anyone?

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

I remember those days. Field Trip Days. The sack lunch, the bus ride, the freedom from the classroom – how wonderful and different those school days were. I see the same excitement in my son’s eyes when he is about to embark on a new journey with his peers.

Unfortunately, field trips aren’t as frequent as they were when I was a student. Economic woes, gasoline prices, and time constraints have made it difficult to schedule trips. Nothing can replace the firsthand experience of the wonderful places of Kentucky, but KET has produced many Electronic Field Trips that will allow you and your students to learn more about what our diverse and rich state has to offer. Can’t afford a trip to Fort Boonesborough? Take your students on a field trip without leaving the classroom. KET’s Electronic Field Trip to Fort Harrod and Fort Boonesborough can be streamed from our website.  Many of our Electronic Field Trips include accompanying teacher’s materials, interactive games and quizzes for students, and many other adventures within each field trip’s site. How about taking your class on a trip to one of Kentucky’s National Parks? You don’t even have to load the students onto the school bus.

Even if you are planning a trip with your students to any of our KET Electronic Field Trip locations, you can use the available KET instructional and interactive resources to enhance the educational experience as you prepare the students for the trip. Use the resources to review what they learned on the trip. It makes the experience even more powerful. You can also bring your students to KET for a free tour and further explore the power of multimedia production in our KET MediaLab, which was made possible through a generous grant from AT&T.

The KET Arts Toolkits also take students on an in-depth study into Kentucky’s art museums, artworks, and performances. Meet the artists and find out about arts careers. The beauty of Kentucky’s culture is evident throughout all of the KET Arts Toolkits with the strategic cinematography of KET’s talented production team. Each discipline of the arts can be used to teach across the curriculum. The lesson plans have cross-curricular connections.

Take your students on a road trip around the state in the Scale City website. There are many attractions filled with fun facts and fascinating stories. The students will learn proportional reasoning while visiting places from all around our state, including: The Kentucky Horse Park; The Louisville Slugger Museum; and a Drive-in Theater. These are just a few of the attractions to visit. I find that I lose track of time while exploring the many videos and activities within Scale City. Who says you can’t learn math while on vacation?

Fort Boonesborough

The last days of school are nearing. Soon, the standardized tests will be complete and everyone will be busy wrapping up the end of the school year. The resources mentioned in this post (and many others available from KET) can help provide meaningful and quality instruction during a time when everyone is dreaming of summer vacation.These resources may even give you and your students ideas for summer vacations that are close to home and more affordable. With the information that they learn from these resources, students will have the knowledge and confidence to educate their friends and families as they embark on their personal journeys. What better way to learn about something than to teach it?

Some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world are right here in Kentucky. Join us in celebrating our prizes. The hardest part is deciding where to go.


Thursday, March 18th, 2010

The day is simply lovely. I have opened my windows. My flowers are starting to bud (some are blooming), the birds are finding mates, and my grass is turning green. Soon, there will be leaves on the trees and my lawn will once again be my private haven. The garden is planned and the peas have been planted. There is much work to do.

Coming soon to a nature scene near you.

After the winter we have had, I am happy to get out and start the physical labor. The Vernal Equinox takes place on Sat., March 20th at 1:32 P.M. The hours of daylight and darkness will be equal for the entire planet. And this one is projected to be just as lovely as today. We will celebrate with our neighbors by rolling eggs down a hill. It’s a tradition.

Spring is a great time for field trips. I know that many of you have already planned some excursions with your students. If the field trips will be located in Kentucky, check out our Electronic Field Trips to see if we have produced one for your destination. Our Electronic Field Trips are excellent for preparing students for their trip. Once they view our program and utilize the resources within our site, they have more knowledge about where they are going, what they will see, and be able to formulate more educated questions for the guide/experience. I am sure that you already know about these, as they have been among our most popular programming, but I just wanted to remind you of them.

In addition to these programs, Scale City has some delightful videos of places in Kentucky that I believe can also serve as a high-quality preview of some popular field trips. The videos focus on proportional reasoning, and provide an even richer experience for the students by tying the trip into the math curriculum. Sadly, the budget cuts are forcing some schools to forgo field trips. KET’s Electronic Field Trips and Scale City can take your students on a field trip without having to leave the classroom. So, they are valuable any way you look at it.

Arbor Day will soon be here. You will find many terrific resources on KET ED On Demand and KET EncycloMedia that help students understand abstract processes and concepts about the biology and environmental benefits of trees. I got married on Arbor Day. So it’s a pretty special day to me.

Some of you will soon be on spring break. Others will not be so fortunate,   but are prudent to use that time to make up some snow days. I do hope that wherever you are, you find a renewed strength and energy in this special time of the year. Enjoy the sun. I hope our students get out and exert some energy, too.

New Year’s Resolutions Become a Reality with KET’s Resources

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

It’s already 2010? What a frigid start! use2008 Jan-Feb0132009 was so busy and passed by with the speed of light. I find myself having a hard time remembering that it’s 2010 when writing the date. It seemed so far away just a few years ago. I had an exciting start to the New Year. I worked with some teachers in Knott Co. on Jan. 4th – the first day back from a rejuvenating break. It was an interesting drive down, but well worth the trip. Each time I venture out into the schools, I am reminded of how lucky I am to work with teachers and administrators whose fresh ideas and enthusiasm keep the education wheels turning. It’s going to be a powerfully productive year, I believe. KET’s wheels are also constantly turning with you. What a great partnership we have with our schools, communities, other educational institutions, and the Kentucky Department of Education. It’s rewarding to watch these partnerships develop and grow. This year is going to bring even more exciting new projects. I can just feel it.

Have you made a Professional New Year’s Resolution? Keep in mind that KET can help you keep that resolution. You might even extend your goals to include exploring one new KET Education Resource each month. This may include resources from: KET ED On Demand; KET’s Arts Toolkits and Kentucky Muse; KET Distance Learning; our Professional Development resources; your KET Education Consultant; Scale City; KET’s new Kentucky’s National Parks Teacher Resources; KET EncycloMedia; the Electronic Field Trips; and for President’s Day, our Abraham Lincoln interactive website. There have been so many new resources unveiled this year that it’s hard to keep up with it all.  One of my resolutions for 2010 is to journey deeper into our newest productions, websites, and projects. Let your consultant know if you have any questions about any of our resources. There may be some you have never even heard about. Check out our website to find out more.

In other news, Kentucky’s Highly Skilled Educators visited KET in December 2009 to explore our plethora of educational resources. KET Education Consultant, Missi Baker, produced a nice video that highlights the day with some participant comments. I think it is a terrific way to show how enthusiastic educators are about our resources. I enjoyed meeting our visitors. Missi has posted her video on her blog for all to see.  Check it out.

Happy New Year!  May it be the best for you and yours. Stay warm. Hope for an end to this deep freeze and no ice storms, please.

Heroes of the 2009 Ice Storm
Heroes of the 2009 Ice Storm

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