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Umlauts and special characters!

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Having trouble with German special characters?  Can’t find those umlaut keys on your keyboard?  Nur keine Sorge!  Use these keystrokes to type the umlaut-ed vowels and other special German characters.

On a PC:

Use the ‘ALT’ button followed by a set of four numbers.  Make sure ‘Num Lock’ is on!

ALT 0223 = ß

ALT 0228 = ä

ALT 0196 = Ä

ALT 0246 = ö

ALT 0214 = Ö

ALT 0252 = ü

ALT 0220 = Ü

On a MAC:

Use the ‘Option’ key and the letter ‘u’, followed by the vowel to which you want to add an umlaut (a, o, u).

ä = ‘Option’ + ‘u’ + ‘a’

To capitalize, simply type the capitalized vowel after ‘Option’ + ‘u’

Ä = ‘Option’ + ‘u’ + ‘A’

And last but not least, the ß!

ß = ‘Option + ‘s’

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