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Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

When you’re learning German, it’s always nice to have a few internet resources on hand to make your job easier. Here are a few to start you out!

LEO is a great online dictionary. It lists multiple meanings for words, and has discussions (albeit in German) about words and phrases.

BEOLINGUS is another online dictionary. It also includes…

a list of prepositions! They are listed by case and include definitions and examples of usage–just click on the arrow next to each preposition.

Canoo is another dictionary, but it is arguably more useful for conjugations. Can’t remember how to conjugate that verb? Check here. Need to find the plural form of a new noun? Here again! Just search for the word and then look at the ‘Wortformen’ (word forms)

For a great grammar resource, you can’t do much better than this online manual. The site also includes some fun and useful info about literature and Germany in general! also has a good grammar guide, which includes the following pages…

Here, you will find a list of some common strong verbs and their conjugations.

You might not need this for a while, but eventually it will come in handy: a chart of accusative and dative adjective endings.

If you’d like to learn about life in Germany, one resource is Deutsche Welle. Here they have a series of radio shows about different aspects of German life. They also have a page dedicated to information about Germany.

Listening to German radio can be a fun, interesting way to practice. This is a listing of numerous radio stations, many of which stream online.

I hope these are helpful… More to come later! :)

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