Growing up in Germany

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

My first memories are from when I lived in Germany. I was about four years old and lived in Schmidmühlen, which is located in Bavaria. My favorite thing to do was go to this local restaurant, where after awhile we became such frequent visitors, we got to sit at a Stammtisch. A Stammtisch is a table reserved for regulars. It is marked with a sign and is considered somewhat of an honor. I remember always being really excited to have to translate for my father, who didn’t speak a lick of German. My sister and I would chatter away with the waiter and then fill my dad in with what all we had been said.

Summer lunch at the local resturant (stammtisch)

Another thing that I got to experience while being a kid in Germany was German pre-school. Every morning we would have tea and breakfast- pretty sophisticated for how young I was. One day, we had to make lanterns out of paper and paint. We were going to have a candle lit in placed inside as we walked in a parade for St. Martin that evening. It is custom for children to make these lanterns and sing songs about St. Martin, who was most famous for having cut his cloak in half and shared it with a beggar, who would have otherwise froze to death. This night stands out to me because being the badly behaved child I was, didn’t follow the rules and swung my lantern- making the candle go out. This was the number one rule, and I had to beg to get my candle re-lit.

The last thing I want to talk about was my trip to Chiemsee. It is also located in Bavaria, and is a nice vacation spot by the lake. What made this place unique though, was that there was a salt mine near by in which you could travel into. We were suited up in dark clothes and put on a little train that took us deep under ground. I remember you could lick the walls (as unsanitary as that sounds) and taste the salt. There were also these massive slides you could go down to get to a lower level. It was really cold down there, I cannot imagine being a miner. I think I went on this excursion two times, but I believe I would be two scared now to be that far under ground!

Salt mineOutfits in the salt mine

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