About John Krueger

John Krueger has many connections to Germany having worked and studied there for over five years. He is well familiar with the rich variety of geography and culture that Germany has to offer since he has had the experience of living in diverse regions within the country, in cities such as Berlin, Dresden, Freiburg, and Marburg. John has been teaching German in high school since 1995 and has been a strong proponent of cultural exchange programs between German and American schools.

“The experience of learning a language suddenly takes on new relevance and excitement once students begin meeting peers and making friends from the culture they have been studying. They then find that there is so much to talk about. It’s like an ‘aha!’ moment when students realize ‘hey wait a minute…I’m COMMUNICATING in a different language here. Wow, this is fun!’ When you learn German there are so many opportunities for connecting to new people and places.”

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