Summer Refresher 2010: Swan Song

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010


At this moment I am sitting at the KET table at the Summer Refresher at Dixie Heights High School–my last official KET event. I now know the true meaning of the word “bittersweet”, and the word has powerful connotations. I have been blessed: I have truly loved all of my careers–English teacher, media specialist, KET education consultant–and leave this one, too, with a boatload of mixed feelings. However, I couldn’t have ended it in a better way. Yesterday, I attended my final KSMA board meeting attended by friends I first met in 1995 at my very first fall conference.  (We recalled my getting stuck in the Lexington Hyatt elevator in the middle of the night that first night.) Then last evening, my bff’s from western KY and I ate  (with a few saluts along the way) our way across the Newport Levee and ended the late night taking pictures with the ‘gang’ as the Cincy skyline sparkled in the background.

Today is a good way to say a bien tot!

I have told recent workshop attendees that I would still be ‘out there’ connected to all–Facebook, Twitter, and email–so keep in touch.

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For KET questions/requests, please contact Brian Spellman.

(Camera: Fade to black…)

No more big yellow bus…

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

As mixed thoughts about August 1st rustled around in my head, a last minute find of a cheap flight and room was all it took to put those thoughts away and my bags packed for my DH’s and my first visit to Chicago last weekend. Within minutes I was humming Sinatra’s  ”My kind of town, Chicago is…”  and hearing Sandburg’s gruff words about the ”City of Big Shoulders…” in my head.  After our first purchase of  a three-day pass on the big red hop-on-hop off buses (our favorite ’limousine’ service) and visions of yellow school buses lined in front of schools vanished.

I can’t wait to return to this city with its Midwest friendliness and casual mood–flip flops, bright attire, and big hello’s– a surprising contrast to the starchier New York vibe. And everything that lures one to the city–restaurants, theater, art, and shopping—resides within easy walking distances. Oh! That Magnificent Mile! I am working on a girls’ weekend ASAP. Anyone game?

Admittedly, I will miss the big yellow buses and all they stand for. A remarkable thirty-three year career built around them won’t fade away easily. A click on on whiteboard can’t make them disappear, nor do I wish them to. 

I do have a couple of districts working on July PDs and am flattered that they are planning these around my schedule so that I can be the presenter. Then, of course, I will see many of you at the Refresher and/or Multimedia Days at KET on July 13-14th. BTW, we do have a few openings each day. Visit the website for registration information.  Talk about bang for you PD buck!

After July 31st, please contact Brian Spellman ( for any KET questions or workshop requests. Hopefully, someone else will be hired soon, but, until then, you will see no change in service. KET education consultants will always be available. Brian Spellman:859-258-7274 or 800-432-0951,ext. 7274

P.S. I will be closing my wiki in early fall, so take anything you want before then. It’s a free yard sale!

Still “Open” for Business

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Flickr Creative Commons by Mofo.

‘Tis true that August 1st marks a new path for me–retiring (again).  However, until then, I am available for workshops, visits, consultations! My calendar looks unusually and woefully empty in June and July. Sigh. Please contact me if your school or district plans any summer PD events.  We have so many new resources to share, and teachers can always benefit by attending an EncycloMedia training. All of our workshops fit perfectly with teachers’ IGP’s and districts’ improvement plans by addressing technology integration and literacy improvement.

Speaking of ‘new’, have you checked out our new website which was unveiled only yesterday? We hope you find it easier to read and navigate. Please feel free to leave comments on the site, my blog, or in an email.  We took to heart all of the comments and suggestions returned to us in our recent surveys.

Gentle Nudges: Before you grab a summer read and head for sunny climes, please take a minute–that’s all!–and fill out our 2010 Spring Survey.  Also, we still have a few openings in our Summer MultiMedia Event. Sign up! You can complete half of your PD requirement in two consecutive July Tuesdays by attending this great event(July13-14) and the KSMA Summer Refresher (July 20th).  I know of no other PD sessions so relevant to librarians.

Share suggestions for summer reading in the comment section here!

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