Poetry Month, Earth Day and “the world is mudluscious…”

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

On days like today,  the words from e.e. cummings’ poem invariably and appropriately pop in my mind. We have had some unseasonably gorgeous days, though, haven’t we? On Tuesday I drove to Bourbon County via my favorite route in my entire region–460 from Mt. Sterling to Paris–and absorbed the sunlit, rolling landscape on that perfect April day. If Keeneland had not been closed, I might have pulled a stunt from college days, skipped out of obligations, and headed for a day at the track.

As my title alludes, April is a terrific month for other reasons, too.  You librarians are, I am sure, gathering resources to promote Poetry Month and Earth Day in your schools. Perhaps, KET and I can be of some help:

And for Earth Day activities, consider some of these:

  • Register for a live webinar from Discovery with Philippe Cousteau! As part of Siemens STEM events, listen to Cousteau share his experiences as an environmentalist trying to save our oceans. Students will love participating in this live event!
  • Use KET’s Electronic Field to a Watershed, streamed or downloaded from EncycloMedia.
  • “Every Day is Earth Day”, an episode from the KET Maya and Miguel series will air that week.
  • And from one of my favorite bloggers Larry Ferlazzo–Best Websites for Earth Day.
  • Finally, just an “earth day” search on KET EncycloMedia will reveal a myriad of resources!

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