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Kentucky’s PBS Reporting Lab Students at KET

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 by Brian Spellman, KET

Students from Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Jefferson County, along with students from Hardin County High Schools, visited KET in preparation for participation in the PBS Student Reporting Labs project, a regular feature of the evening PBS Newshour television program.

KET Public Affairs Producers Bill Goodman and Renee Shaw, along with KET Education Division Producer Laura Krueger, talked to the students about interview planning and production. KET Production Division’s Brandon Wickey and Paul Smith spoke on field video production, and in the KET Media Lab Jeff Gray demonstrated greenscreen video effects for students, who then explored making
some themselves.


All video-producing schools should take a look at the PBS Student Reporting Labs’ Curriculum page on the project website for excellent teacher materials, example student news reports, and news production tutorial videos by Gil Garcia and his students from Austin High School, Austin, Texas. Great stuff!

Centre College Students Present Journalism Class Web Project

Friday, February 28th, 2014 by Brian Spellman, KET

Bill Goodman, redoubtable KET Public Affairs television producer and host of Kentucky Tonight, One-to-One, Education Matters, and many special programs, led 23-students in a three-week Centre College class in January titled, “Politics and Journalism in the Age of Social Media.” Always on the lookout for new and important developments, Bill is especially enthusiastic about education and students.

To help prepare a special project for his course, Bill met with Helen Morrison and Jeff Gray of KET to organize a class visit to KET’s Media Lab for an introduction to online tools and resources for collecting and sharing information via the Web — from video production to statistics, surveys and polls. Bill’s class used several of the resources in their class projects.

In the”Bill’s Eye blog article describing his Centre College teaching experience, Bill gives an overview of the aim of his class and its special final project:

Through these discussions I wanted the class to think critically about how journalism has changed in the past few decades. I asked the students to ponder questions about the ethics and values of news reporting today, and how social media and journalism overlap. I was also curious about why their generation doesn’t seem to embrace traditional news the way their parents and grandparents do.”

“The highlight of the term was a final project. I challenged the students to design a social media tool such as an app, Facebook page, website, or podcast that would provide voters with helpful, interesting, and factual information about this year’s race for Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seat. You can see what one group of students came up with at

Here are Centre College students Sean Dunn, Jordan Shewmaker, Mary Tanner, Mary Burger, and Haley Hoffman at KET’s Media Lab presenting their group’s final project: a public service website about the upcoming 2014 United States Senate election in Kentucky. Their project website, The Horse Race, is a unique online service that shares important and useful information about the  candidates in order to help Kentucky voters make better informed decisions affecting the future of the commonwealth and the nation. Bill’s students were impressive and encouraging.

Eastside Technical Center – Engaging Multimedia Instruction

Thursday, January 10th, 2013 by Brian Spellman, KET

Eastside Technical Center of Lexington, Fayette County Schools, has a new set of multimedia production classes and a new teacher: Ms. Michelle Rauch, an enthusiastic leader experienced in multimedia production, having worked for several years in local television.

Students who attend Ms. Rauch’s classes are from Fayette and the surrounding Jessamine and Woodford school districts. Here are some students working on creating and editing music for multimedia projects.

Student projects include a periodic news magazine program that’s shown over the school network, PSAs (public service announcements), and various other special projects, such as this example on student gender issues, People are People, No Matter What, which was also uploaded for sharing to the KET School Video Project website.

Michelle Rauch will be at KET next July 9 and 10 to present at the next KET Multimedia Professional Development Days event on how she and her students are using their new portable a/v production switcher, the NewTek Tricaster pictured above). She’ll be joined by Tim Withers, Wayne County High School Art/Multimedia teacher, who will present on his class’ use of another useful and exciting portable a/v production switcher, the Edirol VR-5. We hope many Kentucky teachers and staff will again join us for the event. Details and registration information will be available at the project website later this spring.

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