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Centre College Students Present Journalism Class Web Project

Friday, February 28th, 2014 by Jeff Gray, KET

Bill Goodman, redoubtable KET Public Affairs television producer and host of Kentucky Tonight, One-to-One, Education Matters, and many special programs, led 23-students in a three-week Centre College class in January titled, “Politics and Journalism in the Age of Social Media.” Always on the lookout for new and important developments, Bill is especially enthusiastic about education and students.

To help prepare a special project for his course, Bill met with Helen Morrison and Jeff Gray of KET to organize a class visit to KET’s Media Lab for an introduction to online tools and resources for collecting and sharing information via the Web — from video production to statistics, surveys and polls. Bill’s class used several of the resources in their class projects.

In the”Bill’s Eye blog article describing his Centre College teaching experience, Bill gives an overview of the aim of his class and its special final project:

Through these discussions I wanted the class to think critically about how journalism has changed in the past few decades. I asked the students to ponder questions about the ethics and values of news reporting today, and how social media and journalism overlap. I was also curious about why their generation doesn’t seem to embrace traditional news the way their parents and grandparents do.”

“The highlight of the term was a final project. I challenged the students to design a social media tool such as an app, Facebook page, website, or podcast that would provide voters with helpful, interesting, and factual information about this year’s race for Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seat. You can see what one group of students came up with at

Here are Centre College students Sean Dunn, Jordan Shewmaker, Mary Tanner, Mary Burger, and Haley Hoffman at KET’s Media Lab presenting their group’s final project: a public service website about the upcoming 2014 United States Senate election in Kentucky. Their project website, The Horse Race, is a unique online service that shares important and useful information about the  candidates in order to help Kentucky voters make better informed decisions affecting the future of the commonwealth and the nation. Bill’s students were impressive and encouraging.

Lincoln County High Media Students Visit KET, Meet the Pros

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 by Jeff Gray, KET

DSC_0077a Ms. Natalie Sutton (turquoise top) recently brought her Lincoln County High School students to the KET Media Lab for a workshop in basic video editing and greenscreen effects. After the workshop, they toured KET’s multimedia production facility.

Pictured above is the class meeting KET public affairs program producer-hosts Bill Goodman and Renee Shaw (far right). Bill is shaking hands with Lincoln County High student, Chance Bender, a Bill Goodman fan. Chance, who wants to become a lawyer, watches Bill’s weekly public affairs program, Kentucky Tonight. Overhearing the introductions, KET producer Erin Lowry found in her database that during the January 28, 2013 program, Chance sent a question via Twitter to the panel  discussing Kentucky’s high school dropout age: “What’s the savings associated with leaving the dropout age at 16?” (38 min. 40 sec. in)

We at KET are always encouraged by the creative enthusiasm of our visiting Kentucky students and teachers, and were especially impressed by Chance Bender and Ms. Natalie Sutton’s class from Lincoln High.


If you’d like to bring your Kentucky public, private, or homeschool student group to Lexington for a free KET Media Lab workshop in multimedia production and a tour of KET, please contact Jeff Gray, KET Education Division.

KET Education Consultants: Free School Workshops and Moore

Friday, January 11th, 2013 by Jeff Gray, KET

KET’s regional Education Consultants regularly visit Kentucky schools to share news of KET education resources and help implement them — from instructional television to web projects. KET EdCons also consult with schools on multimedia production and related topics, and offer free in-school workshops which include: Classroom Use of EncycloMedia, Effective Use of Instructional Resources in the Classroom, KET Awareness, and Classroom Video Production.

Here’s Larry Moore, KET Education Consultant for the North Central region of Kentucky, presenting on video production and greenscreen effects to a group of 8th graders in Ms. Margi Johnstone’s 8th grade media class at St. Agnes Parish School, Louisville. A former middle school science teacher, Larry’s a long-term provider of excellent video production and other workshops to schools, and has also produced several useful and exciting KET Electronic Field Trip programs. His engaging and encouraging presentations are always enjoyed by both students and staff. Larry’s assisted many Kentucky schools over the years as they develop or expand student video production, both for classroom projects and as classes. Contact Larry or the KET Education Consultant serving your area for a free consultation or workshop to help you integrate KET educational resources, or to get into or expand student video production.

We in KET Education have always been excited about the many ways video production can be used for student projects across the curriculum, and we enjoy developing workshops and multimedia resources for teachers and students to help them make and share their work, such as the KET School Video Project: a safe-hosting website for Kentucky student video projects. If you’re making video projects in your school, please upload and example or more soon!

Another KET multimedia education resource is the KET Media Lab at KET’s network center, Lexington. Kentucky schools are encouraged to bring their students and staff to KET for free workshops in multimedia production and related topics, and for tours of KET’s digital production facility. Call or email Jeff Gray. 800-432-0951 or 859-258-7263, for details or to make an appointment to visit us soon.

Visit KET’s Education Division website for even more useful and fun educational resources.

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