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St. Leo School, Versailles, at KET for iPad Workshops and Tours

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 by Jeff Gray, KET

DSC_0120aMs. Kate Cosgrove of St. Leo school in Versailles, KY, brought 5th-to-8th-grade students to KET over two days for KET Media Lab worksops in iPad video production and greenscreen effects. They also took tours of the KET multimedia production facility in Lexington.

To date, the Apple iMovie video editing app for iOS doesn’t include a chromakey/greenscreen effect. Other video editing apps don’t either, but it’s worth mentioning that the Touchcast app for multimedia projects does. It’s a special app we covered in a previous blog on TouchCast. Check it out, especially its greenscreen feature with news background that schools can use for impressive results.

Otherwise, for making greenscreen effects videos to include in iOS video editing projects, many educators like the excellent quality one can get from the Greenscreen by DoInk iOS app.

Above is an example from the St. Leo workshop in which students used the Greenscreen by DoInk app to make quick greenscreen video tests.

If you’d like to bring public, private, or homeschool students to KET for a
KET Media Lab multimedia production workshop and a tour of KET, please contact Jeff Gray, KET Education Division.

TouchCast App for School Video Does Greenscreen & Much More

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 by Jeff Gray, KET

TouchCast is a very interesting iOS and pc app for making multimedia project videos for the web. For iPad and pcs, it’s something quite different but well worth investigating for classroom project building because of its remarkable features, called Video Apps, or vApps, that when added to a project offer quite a lot of media-sharing power.

Included is a chromakey/greenscreen feature with built-in virtual sets that teachers and students can use to build news programs with the flair of a professional-looking newsroom set. My test video above is a rather dry example. I’ve heard of some Kentucky schools using the app to make greenscreen news videos so please let me know if you are. TouchCast’s greenscreen feature can be used to place students in backgrounds related to classroom projects along with references to other content.

One can record video presentations directly into the app and narrate using a built-in teleprompter, and while there’s no video editing, TouchCast’s project building timeline acts an editor in that one assembles inserted media and links to external media along a timeline for playback and viewing from within the resulting video. If you fluff a take you just re-record and TouchCast makes it pretty simple.


Sharing of the end-result is from the TouchCast-hosted site via the provided link and embedding code in the player. See more information for educators at the TouchCast Education site, including examples of student-made Educasts, teacher-made lesson plans, and a downloadable TouchCast Educator Guide by Dr. Ayelet Segal, head of TouchCast Education.

Here’s a good example of a TouchCast project to help 7th grade students learn genetics. It features use of the greenscreen feature and some links out to other media. Try clicking on the blue buttons in the TouchCast player to skip around or view related media. You can then click to return to the main TouchCast video. Try a click on the picture of the teacher’s lesson plan toward the end of the video to view and download it, for example. It will be clearer once you try it, trust me.

iPhone Filming & iPad Editing – Big Looks From Small and Inexpensive Gear

Friday, October 16th, 2015 by Jeff Gray, KET

At KET we like to promote the use of portable devices for student video production. Compared with traditional equipment, iPads, iPhones, and their corresponding apps are much less expensive and are easier for teachers to learn and teach for classroom projects. They can also output video quality that rivals much more expensive and sophisticated equipment. These days, one can shoot and edit excellent productions using just an iPad and the free iMovie app. Add a tripod and adapter to keep things steady, an external microphone for better audio, a greenscreen app for special effects, and production quality and project possibilities are extended quite a lot for a few dollars more.

Here’s a great example of what can be done professionally using iOS devices for video production. This Bentley automobile advertisement was shot using an iPhone 5s and was edited in the car using an iPad Air. After the main video ad content see how it was made at video player location 3:15. Here’s an additional behind-the-scenes video. Some special lenses and iPhone stabilizers were used but you can get close to the same effects using apps and do-it-yourself camera jibs and sliders (see links, below).

This Apple video shows students from Los Angeles County School for the Arts making educational project videos using iPads. It features excerpts from film producer-director Martin Scorsese’s commencement speech to the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Class of 2014.

Here’s more information about the video with links to Apple iPad apps for video production.

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For Kentucky schools interested in video production, try our resource pages listed at You can also see Kentucky student video production examples at the KET School Video Project site (search “iPad”).  We hope you’ll upload examples of your students’ video production projects soon. Note the current KET School Video Project Challenge: Shaping My Future at the site. On May 4, 2016, we’ll have a drawing for a free greenscreen/light kit. Upload a student video for the project and maybe you’ll get some free gear.

Our KET Media Lab is open year-round for teachers within driving distance to bring students for free workshops in video production, greenscreen effects, and MinecraftEdu for the classroom. For more information or to book a workshop (and tour of KET if you have time), call or email Jeff Gray: 800-432-0951 ext 7263; 859-258-7263;

600 Cooper Drive, Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 258-7000 (800) 432-0951