Sisters Produce Video and Art Projects at Monticello Ind. High

Thursday, March 1st, 2012 by Brian Spellman, KET

Monticello Independent High School’s Monica and Erica Withers, shown here with Superintendent Gary Abbott, are charming and talented twin sisters who have worked well together to produce many art and video projects about themselves and their community. They’ve submitted many of their video productions to the KET School Video Project website for sharing Kentucky student videos, and were award winners at the 2012 Somerset Community College Winter Shorts Film Festival: Erica won first place in the Teen category for Scorpion and the Fox; Monica and Erica won a trophy for outstanding work in documentaries; and they both also received an award for special effects for their video, Lucky Number 2, a video about a wizard’s magic wand – a pencil.

From excellent documentaries and feature stories about the nearby Mill Springs Civil War Battlefield, the Monticello Hope Center, the historic Mill Springs Water Wheel, and the Wayne County Historical Society, to works on making art in various media (pencil, paint, clay, wire, paper), the sisters are a two-person production team, planning, acting-in, recording, and editing their works, which include video animations and art video projects on subjects such as drawing and sculpting, along with personal observations of things like the effects of  shadows on water, and the joys of plein-air (outdoor) painting. They occasionally use the fact that they are identical twins to playful effect in their videos, suggesting that one person is actually in two places at once. See more examples of their works at the KET School Video Project, where all Kentucky public and private schools are welcome to share their student-produced videos.

I met the Withers students while visiting their father, Tim Withers, an art and video teacher at Wayne County High School. Tim is a creative and engaged teacher – recently made Wayne County “Teacher of the Year” –  who also mentors his daughters in art and video production. Tim will be presenting on making props and costumes for video production at our next KET Multimedia PD Days event for educators, July 10 and 11 at KET, Lexington.

We look forward to seeing more from Monica and Erica, who seem to be well on their way to a lifetime of expressive multimedia creation.

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