KET School Video Project: Election 2012 — Students Share Ideas

Monday, October 22nd, 2012 by Brian Spellman, KET

Kentucky schools have uploaded some excellent student-produced videos about the 2012 presidential election to the KET School Video Project: Election 2012 website.  All who upload by October 31, 2012 will be included in a drawing on November 1 for a package of free video editing gear and software.

Here are some ideas for topics…

  • Student or local citizens’ voting preferences or opinions
  • Local or national election poll reports and what they mean
  • Election process explained, history of, how it compares with other governments’
  • Biographies of the candidates
  • Biographies of U.S. presidents
  • Simulated interviews with U.S. presidents
  • Simulated candidate debates
  • Interesting facts about the presidents or past elections
  • Use costumes, props, or greenscreen effects to transport yourselves back in history, to a political rally, or to Washington, D.C.!

See instructions, examples, and helpful links at the project website: KET School Video Project: Election 2012.

Here’s a sample video from Wayne County High School,
Rosie the Riveter,” made as an encouragement to research issues and vote.

Here’s a charming example from Mullins Elementary in Boyle County, “Election 2012: Are You Patriotic?,” encouraging all to vote.

And who wouldn’t consider voting for this pup in the video sent by Elkhorn Crossing School, Scott County, “My Dog Runs for President,” which cleverly lists the requirements of the position?

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