KET School Video Project: Election 2012 — Schools Share Videos, Bryan Station High Wins Prize Drawing for Production Gear

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 by Jeff Gray, KET

Our KET School Video Project: Election 2012 has ended its call for Kentucky student-produced videos, and they’re all online for you to see and share. The KET School Video Project: Election 2012 was a sub-project of KET’s year-around online student video hosting service for sharing examples of student-produced videos, the KET School Video Project.

We asked schools to send us examples of student-produced videos about the upcoming presidential election and related topics, and they sent us some interesting, amusing, and impressive works: In one video, a student portraying WWII icon, Rosie the Riveter, encourages research in women’s issues and urges all to vote; in another, a student shares the “human” requirements for running for President of the United States with her pet dog, who has announced his intention to run for the office; and charming elementary students encourage puppet adults to vote, while others use iPads to produce a news story about the candidates’ stand on issues. See those student-produced videos and more at the project website.

As an incentive, we entered uploading schools in a prize drawing on November 1, 2012, for a free package of video production equipment and software. Fayette County’s Bryan Station High School, Lexington, was the prize drawing winner. Here they are with their new tools including a camcorder, tripod, microphone and cables, portable green/bluescreen, light kit, and editing software…

Ms. Audrey Long (rt, rear), an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher at Bryan Station High, uploaded a meaningful project made by ESL students with the assistance of Bryan Station’s Advanced Digital Media class. Their video, “DREAMing About the Election,” focuses on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors), and features the presidential “candidates” talking about immigration.

Asked about Bryan Station High School’s participation in the KET School Video Project: Election 2012,  Ms. Long said, “Mr. Evans and I are always looking for projects that can engaged our students and get them practicing their English in ways that move beyond the classroom and into real-life situations. This project, in particular, fit our needs because it allowed us to work cross-departmentally with the IT Academy, which is one way that we can improve our program because it helps our ESL students see what other opportunities are available to them at Station besides traditional “college prep” classes.”

ESL teachers Lee Evans and Audrey Long, along with IT Academy Media teacher Beau Gothier (left-to-right), worked together to help their students make and share their video about issues of concern to them.

Ms. Long explained, “This particular project holds a very special place in my heart because it deals with the DREAM Act and DACA, something that very much affects ESL students and their families. DACA is giving our particular population some hope for the future and relief from the anxiety of deportation. For them, this election is incredibly important because the future of DACA and possibly the DREAM Act could rest on who is elected. As a teacher, it is gratifying to see students this excited and involved in an election, and it’s because they understand how much this could affect them. Part of the reason we decided to do our “man on the street” interviews at the local Latino Festival is because we knew that we would get interviews from people who could understand and empathize with the situation our students are in and how important the election would ultimately be to their future.”

She continued, “Our IT Academy became involved in part because of the technical aspect of the video, but also because many students in the Academy are former ESL students themselves. As you might have noticed from the credits, our “analyst” and producer/director are from other countries originally as are a few of the students in the digital media class. This added interest in the project from their side and gave us more engagement from the students who would be cutting the video together. Of course, the prize didn’t hurt their interest either. As the video production side of the IT Academy grows, the new equipment and software will go a long way to helping students be able to be successful in the future videos they produce.”

KET is pleased to share Bryan Station High School’s student video work along with videos from the other Kentucky schools who participated in the KET School Video Project: Election 2012. We look forward to seeing more video projects from them all soon on the KET School Video Project website, open year-around for Kentucky school video sharing. If you’re a school doing student video production, please upload examples of your work to KET! For more information call or email Jeff Gray, at 800-432-0951 ext. 7263; 859-258-7263;

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