4-H Teen Conference Students Impress at KET Video Workshop

Friday, June 14th, 2013 by Brian Spellman, KET


A group of over twenty remarkably enthusiastic and creative 4H Club students from schools across Kentucky attending the 4H Teen Conference 2013 at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, visited KET the mornings of June 11 and 12 for a video production workshop held by KET education consultant, Cynthia Warner.

After groups were formed by Cynthia and 4H student group leader Paul Muth, Children’s Projects Coordinator at Ephraim McDowell Health Community Services, students learned the basics of video production and then planned, recorded, and quickly edited several imaginative video projects. Their results were uploaded to the KET School Video Project website for sharing. From viewing their quickly-made workshop videos, it’s obvious that these clever and resourceful students can now produce outstanding classroom-related video projects back at school.

Here are three of the 4H group’s project videos:

  • The Heist  —  demonstrates learned video production techniques such as direction, varying camera shot point of view, and using angles for effect…and excellent use of a maguffin.
  • The Writer’s Room  — demonstrates clever group planning and direction. Their video became a self-reflective story about their difficulties in planning a video in a bit of cinéma vérité.
  • From the Stars — is about a young man who claims to have been abducted by aliens, and demonstrates creative planning, interviewing, and special effects techniques. This video was shot in one of KET’s broadcast studios that was being prepared for a public affairs program interview by KET’s Bill Goodman; a particularly outgoing student asked our crew if she could use the studio for her own video interview; after getting permission, she sat down and immediately began recording from the adjoining set!


We’re always glad to assist the annual 4H Club Teen Conferences with video production workshops at KET. Paul Muth, visiting 4H student group director, told us of the recent Tufts University, “4H  Study of Positive Youth Development,” which describes documented benefits of student participation in 4H Club projects and related activities. Sounds good to us! Our KET staff working with schools have heard for years teacher stories about how multimedia group projects provide excellent opportunities for all students to excel at making useful products that they can share and feel good about — the students doing well in school as well as those who are struggling or who don’t have something to be involved in. Good self esteem, good behavior, and good grades naturally follow.

We look forward to seeing more student-produced videos from Kentucky schools.  If you’re a school or community organization video producer, please upload examples of your student-produced videos to share from our KET School Video Project website. If you’re just starting out in school video production, if you’d like to expand your video program, or would like to find out how KET can help your community organization use multimedia with kids, please see our school multimedia resources page or contact Jeff Gray, KET Education Division, 800-432-0951 ext 7263; 859-258-7263.

KET has several multimedia resources available free to Kentucky schools and community organizations, including regional KET education consultants who can present free on-site workshops for teachers and students; a KET Media Lab in Lexington for free workshops in multimedia production; tours of KET’s production facility; and more, so take a look and contact us if you’d like to explore how we can help.

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