Prichard Committee’s Student Voice Team Moves Ahead

Friday, February 7th, 2014 by Jeff Gray, KET

The Student Voice Team of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, a cooperative project begun in 2013 by Rachel Belin, Development and Student Voice Team Director, continues to grow and work to effect change in Kentucky public schools. “The Student Voice Team is comprised of a team of middle and high school students working closely with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence to amplify the voices of Kentucky youth on the classroom impact of education policy issues. The overarching vision is to position students as partners in improving Kentucky schools.” They meet regularly to plan communication activities and presentations that promote change in school policy from the group’s perspective.

Using a variety of social media tools, including Google Hangouts (live online meetings), blogs, Instagram picture sharing, Twitter messaging and chat, and more, the Prichard Committee’s Student Voice Team is making their message heard in many ways. Student Voice, a national organization of students endeavouring to be change agents, featured the local Prichard Committee’s Student Voice Team in a Google Hangout and Twitter Chat event in which they shared their goals for education policy.

Here’s the recorded video of the Student Voice Google Hangout online meeting that featured Kentucky’s Prichard Committee Student Voice Team…


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