Berea Community School Students Visit KET for Workshop, Tour

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 by Jeff Gray, KET

Ms. Charlotte Haycraft brought middle school-aged students from the Berea Community School to Lexington for a KET Media Lab workshop in Basic Video Editing and a tour of our multimedia production facility. Here is KET’s Deborah Harris leading one of her entertaining tours…

Assisting Ms. Haycraft were Berea teachers Robert Gamble and Matthew Jenkins. The students followed-along with presenter Jeff Gray in the lab as he demonstrated the concepts of timeline video editing and basic greenscreen effects for classroom projects.

If you’d like to bring students to KET for a Media Lab workshop and tour, please contact Jeff Gray, KET.

Free Music and Audio Resources for School Video Projects

Friday, March 20th, 2015 by Jeff Gray, KET

DSC_0114aMusic in student video productions can be used to create or support mood or tone, to suggest feelings that build and guide our viewing experience. As we help students make school video projects one of our concerns should be to make sure that students are using and crediting media appropriately. Here’s an example of a short documentary video about Mill Springs Grist Mill that uses music by Kevin MacLeod for adding a sad charm to the description of the 1817 mill and its possible closing.

To avoid copyright infringement students should learn to use media in their projects that…

  • they make themselves.
  • they acquire from others to use with permission (usually a listed credit/attribution).
  • they acquire from the web that’s copyright-free or in public domain (never been copyrighted or copyright has expired).
  • you buy for them for specific use in student projects (check to see if projects can then be shared online or just in the classroom).

One of the best sources for free-to-use music is, the website of professional composer Kevin MacLeod. Mr. MacLeod offers an extensive collection of creative music in many styles that can be downloaded and used for free in school or home multimedia projects. The only thing he requires is that he be given credit for his work. MacLeod’s site is additionally useful for educators because it has a clear explanation of licensing for crediting his music; Creative Commons licensing has become a popular alternative to standard copyrighting of media as it allows the sharing of one’s work for others’ use while still retaining certain rights and restrictions. To make things easy, MacLeod’s site also includes an online crediting tool that provides text that can be cut-and-pasted into a production’s credit list! Here’s an example from the website…incompetech_crediting2

Another media producer and voice-over talent, Jason McCoy, has published a very useful blog article on How to Find Free Music for Videos. It includes information on best-practices for using media in non-commercial/school projects, along with many online resources for music and audio effects. Jason’s site also has several demo recordings of his voice-over work that are excellent examples of a variety of professionally-made voice projects.DSC_0139

There are other free-to-use-with-credit media sites available for music and sound effects. Search online for “public domain music” or “creative commons music” to find more sites such as the excellent MusOpen website, which also houses music teaching resources.

Schools Visit KET Media Lab in December

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 by Jeff Gray, KET

In December of 2014, several schools visited KET for Media Lab workshops
and tours:

Brett Owens brought Jessie Clark Middle School students (Fayette Co.) to KET for a Media Lab workshop in Basic Video Editing and a tour of KET’s multimedia production facility:


Ashley Hill brought Northern Middle School  (Pulaski Co.) students to KET for a workshop in Greenscreen Effects for Video Production and a tour:





Ms. Cherie Cothern, of Dishman-McGinnis Elementary  (Bowling Green Independent Schools), brought students to KET’s Media Lab for a workshop in iPads for Video Production and a tour:



If you’d like to bring public, private, or homeschool students to KET for a KET Media Lab multimedia production workshop and/or a tour of KET, please contact
Jeff Gray, KET Education Division.

600 Cooper Drive, Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 258-7000 (800) 432-0951