Breathitt County 4-H Students Make Video at KET Media Lab

Friday, June 24th, 2016 by Jeff Gray, KET


Jessica Ritchie, 4-H Cooperative Extension Agent for Breathitt County, assisted by Jacob Brandenburg, Summer Extension Intern, brought several Breathitt County 4-H students to KET on 6/23/16 for Media Lab workshops by KET’s Cynthia Warner in Basic Video Production and Greenscreen Special Effects using iPads.

Here are pictures from their workshops in which they made video PSAs (public service announcements) about 4-H…


If you’d like to bring public, private, or homeschool students to KET for a free
KET Media Lab multimedia production workshop and a tour of KET, please contact Jeff Gray, KET Education Division.

4-H Teen Conference Students at KET Media Lab

Thursday, June 16th, 2016 by Jeff Gray, KET


4-H high school student delegates from across Kentucky participate in the Teen Conference event held annually at the University of Kentucky, where they stay for four days and participate in over 75 educational classes exploring life in a college student environment. While at UK, students are encouraged to consider future education and degree plans by investigating the UK’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environment programs.

This year, enthusiastic students from the program, led by UK 4-H extension agent Amanda Wilson (McCracken County), attended video production workshops at the KET Media Lab across from the UK campus. KET’s Cynthia Warner and Jeff Gray helped the students make video PSAs (public service announcements) promoting their Teen Conference event.

Here are photos from the workshops…


Aims of the Teen Conference project, “to develop leadership and citizenship skills,” were evident in the students’ behavior and it was encouraging to see them collaborating so well in making their video projects. They were impressively kind to one another and supported one another generously in their project planning and execution, something we adults often fail at.

Here’s one of the group’s videos made entirely with Apple iPads, a whimsical newscast showing how the only cure for 4-H Fever is a trip to the 4-H Teen Conference


See three other videos made by the 4-H students at the
KET School Video Project website.

If you’d like to bring public, private, or homeschool students to KET for a free
KET Media Lab multimedia production workshop and a tour of KET, please contact Jeff Gray, KET Education Division.

Minecraft Education Edition Trial Download Available!

Thursday, June 9th, 2016 by Jeff Gray, KET

Microsoft has made available to educators a free trial download of their new Early Access trial version of Minecraft Education Edition software, supported on PCs running Windows 10 and Macs running OS X El Capitan. Once downloaded and installed, school users login using their district Microsoft Office 365 username and password (same as for login to Outlook email):

MEE_signinThere’s no separate login for teacher or student (for now, anyway). To test special features for educators that will help them design and facilitate classroom experiences and projects using Minecraft Education Edition, one must “Import” and launch the tutorial file, “Summit_Tutorial.mcworld,” and play the game from there.  Here’s where to get the tutorial and instructions.

Once in the tutorial world, you’ll see some of the new tools at Stage Four: Student Camera and Portfolio; Non Playable Character creation; Chalkboards and Posters; Allow/Deny/Border building blocks). Some special classroom project building blocks are included in the standard inventory (press E).

Here’s a selfie I took within the tutorial world with the “Camera” feature you’ll find there. Used with the “Portfolio” feature, students can document and export pictures of their adventures and game projects. And yes, I do look like that.

Kentucky Microsoft reps Tim Cornett and Chuck Jones say that more teacher features and resources may show up later in the playable demo.

KET’s Media Lab will make the transition from MinecraftEdu software to the new Minecraft Education Edition software as soon as it’s available. We’ll then continue to offer free introductory workshops for Kentucky teachers and students in the program to give educators an idea of how it works in a classroom/lab setting.


MEE_portfolioAfter the easy download and installation, our first tests of logging-in for online creation of a world and play went well. The generated world was as rich as one would expect and movement throughout was fluid and quick. There’s a list of Educator Resources, including downloadable tutorial world to use with the new user tutorial, and biome seed worlds with lesson plans as models. I found the tutorial world’s crafting bits rather confusing, but that’s me. Maybe it’ll be clearer for you.


For those Kentucky schools who have purchased and installed MinecraftEdu software and wish to know how to transition to the new Minecraft Education Edition, there’s a special MinecraftEdu email list. And, there’s a handy support page with lots of helpful information about the program, its installation, and use.

Minecraft Education Edition is off to a fine start. We’re looking forward to seeing the special teacher features and trying it out in our KET Media Lab.

Ms. Stephanie Perkins, 1st grade teacher at Johnson Elementary, Ft. Thomas Independent Schools, will be presenting on her use of MinecraftEdu to teach math concepts at the KET Multimedia PD Day on July 20 in Lexington.  Watch the event information page for information about the live webcast of her session that we’re planning.

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