iPhone Filming & iPad Editing – Big Looks From Small and Inexpensive Gear

Friday, October 16th, 2015 by Jeff Gray, KET

At KET we like to promote the use of portable devices for student video production. Compared with traditional equipment, iPads, iPhones, and their corresponding apps are much less expensive and are easier for teachers to learn and teach for classroom projects. They can also output video quality that rivals much more expensive and sophisticated equipment. These days, one can shoot and edit excellent productions using just an iPad and the free iMovie app. Add a tripod and adapter to keep things steady, an external microphone for better audio, a greenscreen app for special effects, and production quality and project possibilities are extended quite a lot for a few dollars more.

Here’s a great example of what can be done professionally using iOS devices for video production. This Bentley automobile advertisement was shot using an iPhone 5s and was edited in the car using an iPad Air. After the main video ad content see how it was made at video player location 3:15. Here’s an additional behind-the-scenes video. Some special lenses and iPhone stabilizers were used but you can get close to the same effects using apps and do-it-yourself camera jibs and sliders (see links, below).

This Apple video shows students from Los Angeles County School for the Arts making educational project videos using iPads. It features excerpts from film producer-director Martin Scorsese’s commencement speech to the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Class of 2014.

Here’s more information about the video with links to Apple iPad apps for video production.

Related links:

For Kentucky schools interested in video production, try our resource pages listed at www.ket.org/schoolmedia. You can also see Kentucky student video production examples at the KET School Video Project site (search “iPad”).  We hope you’ll upload examples of your students’ video production projects soon. Note the current KET School Video Project Challenge: Shaping My Future at the site. On May 4, 2016, we’ll have a drawing for a free greenscreen/light kit. Upload a student video for the project and maybe you’ll get some free gear.

Our KET Media Lab is open year-round for teachers within driving distance to bring students for free workshops in video production, greenscreen effects, and MinecraftEdu for the classroom. For more information or to book a workshop (and tour of KET if you have time), call or email Jeff Gray: 800-432-0951 ext 7263; 859-258-7263; jgray@ket.org.

KET Media Lab Adds MinecraftEdu Workshop

Friday, September 18th, 2015 by Jeff Gray, KET

Our KET Media Lab has updated its free workshop offerings for the 2015-2016 school year to add an exploratory workshop in MinecraftEdu. For the KET Multimedia PD Day 2015, Tim Withers, of Wayne County High, presented on his new use of the MinecraftEdu pc program to teach Humanities to his high school students. He’s also used it to excite Wayne County middle school learners attending the summer 2015 21st Century Learners program.


We installed the MinecraftEdu software on our KET Media Lab pcs so that Tim could use it to actively demonstrate his use of the program and so that participating teachers could try it out firsthand in our lab. After the event we thought we’d add a new workshop to our lab’s workshop list to encourage other teachers and students to visit KET to try the MinecraftEdu program out for themselves. We’re calling the new workshop, MinecraftEdu: An Educational Gaming Experience for Students and Teachers. So for a limited time, teachers within driving distance to KET can bring their students and interested staff members to KET’s Media Lab in Lexington to explore how the MinecraftEdu program can be used in the classroom and to try it out in our lab.

Current KET Media Lab workshops include:

Basic Video Editing (using pcs, pc software, web resources); students grades 4-20, teachers and staff all grades
Basic Video Production (using pcs, video cameras/camcorders, web resources); students grades 4-20, teachers and staff all grades
Engage Students with KET EncycloMedia’s Interactive Features (using pcs or iPads, web resources); students grades 4-20, teachers and staff all grades
Greenscreen Effects for Video Production (using pcs, pc software, web resources); students grades 4-20, teachers and staff all grades
iPads, iPhones, and Apps for Video Production: Greenscreen Effects; students grades 4-20, teachers and staff all grades
iPads, iPhones, and Apps for Video Production: Recording and Editing; students grades 4-20, teachers and staff all grades
MinecraftEdu: An Educational Gaming Experience for Students and Teachers (using pcs, KET’s MinecraftEdu server); students grades 4-20, teachers and staff all grades

Our KET Media Lab workshops are free and open to Kentucky public, private, and homeschools, as well as government social agencies and community service organizations. We hope you’ll bring your students and colleagues to KET for a workshop soon. If you have time, you may also want to schedule a tour of KET’s multimedia production facility. You’re also welcome to bring lunches (or order something) to eat at KET if that helps in planning. Workshops can be from 1.5-3 hours long and tours can last from 30 min. to an hour, as needed. Workshop start times are negotiable to suit your travel needs.

For more information and to make workshop reservations, e-mail or call Jeff Gray at 800-432-0951 ext. 7263.

Larry Moore Leaves KET a Better Place, Students Better Prepared

Thursday, July 30th, 2015 by Jeff Gray, KET

DSC_0303a KET Education Consultant Larry Moore has retired. For many years Larry was very involved in promoting student multimedia production through school and
KET Media Lab workshops, and in the development of many related teacher resources. I and many others at KET and in schools around Kentucky will miss his expertise and enthusiasm, his inquisitive and friendly nature, his eagerness to help, and his wry humor.DSC_0245a
These are pictures from a video production workshop Larry gave at the
KET Media Lab, Lexington, for Westridge Elementary and Bondurant Middle schools, Franklin County. You can see why Larry’s always been one of KET’s most appreciated consultants working in Kentucky schools. His work with students has helped them to be better equipped to produce effective and expressive classroom projects, and his insightful work with us at KET has been encouraging and fun.
Here are some appreciative testimonials from teachers who brought students to the KET Media Lab for workshops by Larry in video production and related titles…
Larry was experienced enough to inspire us to want to design electronic field trips — an STLP project for next year!
Larry worked with our group at the level we needed. He was helpful in reviewing new information as he presented it. Good handouts also.
All of it was fantastic. I really appreciated the preparation and correspondence with Larry prior to our visit. Getting to know us helped truly personalize our workshop to suit our needs.
It was very useful. Plus it was super awesome for Larry to come in on his day off to share his expertise!
I felt that my time was well spent and the information I learned will be utilized in my work. I know the students enjoyed the instruction time and I did as well. Thanks for a great class!

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