New Education Consultants

Thursday, November 19th, 2015 by bspellman

KET is excited to announce that we have added two education consultants for our North Central and Northeast regions. Our new North Central education consultant, Amy Bradshaw, was formerly an elementary and middle school classroom teacher; and our new Northeast consultant, Lynn Shaffer, previously served as a english professor. Both have joined the KET Education staff this fall. If you’d like to schedule a visit or training with Amy or Lynn, please click on the map below to link to our contact page, where you’ll find their email addresses and phone numbers.

Education Consultant Regions

KET Education Consultant Regional Map

Kentucky Bio: Natural Diversity in the Commonwealth

Monday, November 25th, 2013 by bspellman


From the Appalachian mountains in the east to the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers in the west, Kentucky’s varied and wondrous landscape is home to some of the most unique organisms in the world. Kentucky Bio: Natural Diversity in the Commonwealth, introduces students to the natural world around them, why it matters, and the ways in which they can make an impact. KET developed this eBook through a grant from The Ryan Fund of the Green River Area Community Foundation and The Pentair Foundation.

Check out Kentucky Bio collection on our PBS LearningMedia service, to access the online epub file and link to download the full iBook file.

Check out Kentucky Bio collection on iTunes U, to download a sample of the ebook. From there, you can access a link to download the full iBook file to your iPad or Mac computer.

Health Three60 Explores the Impact of Bullying

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 by bspellman

Health Three60 launches its third season with a look at bullying in “When Children Are Cruel.” Renee Shaw and guests examine the growing problem of bullying and what schools and communities around the state are doing to create a new culture of compassion and respect among young people.

“When Children Are Cruel” premiered last night on KET, this episode can be streamed on KET’s video portal and is available to download from Kentucky iTunes U. For more information or to view archived videos visit the Health Three60 website.


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