About Networking

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Networking is a education blog to share educational resources, instructional methods, and news from around the state as seen and shared by our education consultants. We have an consultant for all school districts and have broken these districts into regions:

West — Amy Grant; e-mail:
South Central — Kathy Davis; e-mail:
Southeast — Cynthia Warner; e-mail:
Central — Brian Spellman; e-mail:
North Central — Amy Bradshaw; e-mail:
Northeast Regions — Lynn Shaffer;  e-mail:

KET Education consultants serve Kentucky schools and universities providing information and training on KET educational resources. We are ready and eager to assist your staff and students with free on-site workshops in video production, telemedia literacy, effective use of instructional television, and more. See the workshops page for details.

We look forward to your comments, and hope you will often return with your creative ideas.

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