KET Workshops

KET workshops are your source for up-to-date information about using KET education resources effectively and for hands-on training in using multimedia technology as a tool for instruction, communication, and creative expression. You can register for a scheduled training session at the KET Media Lab in Lexington, set up a Media Lab workshop at your own convenience, or arrange an onsite workshop for educators or students at your school. And they’re all free!

KET workshops support Kentucky and national academic standards and are approved by the Kentucky Department of Education for professional development credit and—in most cases—for EILA credit as well. Many KET workshops address both the 21st-century classroom and student by incorporating relevant social media and other tools and reflecting current ISTE standards.

Classroom Use of KET EncycloMedia

Learn how to incorporate the services and features of KET EncycloMedia into your instruction by exploring resources within KET Teachers’ Domain, KET ED On Demand, and Discovery Education. With thousands of videos, interactives, and other resources available for all grade levels and content areas, KET education consultants can tailor this training to help you find and use the resources you need for the 21st-century classroom.


MISSION US, developed by WNET-New York, is a series of free online interactive games and materials on American history for grades 5-8. This hands-on workshop provides a tour of the games, teaching materials, and other resources on the MISSION US website ( For 2011-2012, the workshop will focus on the Revolutionary and Civil War eras.

Effective Use of KET Online Instructional Resources

Looking for resources that engage student interest and curiosity? This workshop tours KET online resources, including  KET EncycloMedia, interactive games and widgets, professional development, and distance learning courses. Experience how KET resources meet current education standards while addressing multiple intelligences, diverse learning styles, and 21st-century skills. For an in-depth experience, schedule additional time to design your own classroom activities and lessons using KET resources.

Student Video Production

Introduce students to basic video production with this hands-on workshop, which can be tailored to address a particular content area or project. Students learn how to work in teams; how to plan and evaluate multimedia productions;  interviewing techniques; scriptwriting for news, interviews, and original productions; production terminology; and audio, lighting, and shot composition tips.

Teacher Video Production

Learn how to spice up your lessons by producing original instructional videos or designing student-produced video projects. This workshop is similar to Student Video Production, but also focuses on extending learning and critical thinking by incorporating media production into instruction. It can be tailored to fit your content area.

Pre-service Teacher Workshops

KET’s free workshops are available to instructors and pre-service teachers at all colleges and universities in Kentucky.  College instructors can contact their KET education consultant to schedule workshops at their schools or at the KET Media Lab.

Tour of KET

Participate in a guided tour of KET’s high definition broadcast network in Lexington. KET staff will introduce students and teachers to the production process, new technologies, and various careers in broadcasting. To schedule a tour, contact Deborah Harris at or 800-432-0951, ext. 7136. The tour takes about 90 minutes.

600 Cooper Drive, Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 258-7000 (800) 432-0951