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eBook Making session @ KET 2012 Multimedia Event

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 by KET Education Consultants

Thank you for participating in the session.  The below is a rough outline and resource links to serve as a launch point for the activities we will be getting into today.  This session focused on eBooks, their applications for  your classroom & creating and distributing powerful digital content.

  • What is the difference between ePub, eBooks, PDF’s, and iTextbook
  • Introduction to using iBooks Author
  • How to publish and share iTextBooks you have created
  • Introduction to using Pages to create epub files
  • Overview of how to use tools and widgets within that application
  • How to publish and share eBooks you have created
  • Introduction to KET and KET TD media resources that are available to help create iText Books and eBooks
  • Samples of ebooks created by students using these resources–could be used as a form of assessment

 Downloads for session participants:

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