Powtoon, Piktochart, or Prezi?

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended the KET Multimedia Event this year!!  I always enjoy participating and learn so much from the other presenters and attendees!

My presentation this year compared three tools for visual communication: Powtoon, Piktochart, and Prezi. I created my presentation with Piktochart and was surprised at how useful the “presentation mode” was. You simply flip through the blocks you created while building the infographic, easily visit the links, and return to the presentation as needed. Some of my blocks were a bit too vertical in nature which means they did not use the screen space as effectively as possible and the text was a bit small, something I will be sure to take into consideration next time I make a Piktochart infographic.

My comments about all three tools are included in the infographic along with some great samples and some tips about integrating these tools into instruction.  Enjoy!


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