2013 Young Writers Contest

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

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 The KET Young Writers Contest is a great opportunity for children to write for an authentic audience beyond the walls of their school or home.  It is held every Spring and students in kindergarten through 5th grade are invited to send in stories.  This year, there were a total of 546 entries.  Qualified entries were scored based on the following criteria: originality, creative expression, storytelling, Integration of story and illustrations and the overall impression of the work as a whole.

And the winners are . . .

2013 Young Writers Contest Winner, Abby K.

2013 Young Writers Contest Winner, Abby K

First place: Oscar R., Louisville, “Titanic the Shark”
Second place: Charles William W., Goshen, “The Grumpy Koala”
Third place: Isaiah W. Shepardsville, “I Found a Philippino Coin”

First Grade
First place: Abigail D., Louisville, “A Best Friend”
Second place: Royce L., Louisville, “The Healthy Battle”
Third place: Julia M., Prospect, “Bobby’s Big Ears”

Second Grade
First place: Kaja J., Frankfort, “Hole in the Savannah”
Second place: McRae B., Monticello, “Chocolate World”
Third place: Tiyasa C., Cincinnati, “Cuddly Bubbly”

Third Grade
First place: Becca G., Villa Hills, “The Misadventures of a Jack Russell”
Second place: Katherine O., Paducah, “Heara the Hippo and the Missing Water”
Third place: Abby K., Villa Hills, “A True Hero”

Fourth Grade
First place: Madeline Rose L., Corbin, “Kitty Correspondence”
Second place: Sarah Jane P., Hillsboro, “Sammy and the Art Contest”
Third place: Sydney R., New Castle, “A Zebra Named Ally”

Fifth Grade
First place: Gracie G., Villa Hills, “Everybody is Special”
Second place: Jordan P., Louisville, “Daisy at the Pond”
Third place: Isha C., LaGrange, “Animals Everywhere”

You can see all the winning entries on the KET Young Writers Contest Website!



Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

I love the simplicity of Padlet as a resource collector.  It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles – the strength is the ease of use.  You simply post links, notes, images and sites and easily navigate through them.  The interface is very simple, but attractive and users can customize the avatar, title, and background. Here is an example of a Padlet wall that I made using KET Resources and one to the Padlet Gallery.  Be sure to click on one of the resources and use the arrows to navigate through them!


Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

I love exploring new online tools, or at least tools that are new to me!  Today, I was working on a presentation for next week and I decided to give Symbaloo a try.

Symbaloo is a way to bookmark resources for another group of people, such as a class, or for your own use.  For the most part, I really like it as a class resource organizer.  The biggest advantage Symbaloo may have over my other favorite site for curating resources, Livebinder, is that it has the familiar, at-a-glance appearance of a screen full of apps.  I, like most folks, am now very used to scanning a page and looking for a particular app, whether I am on an ipad, an android, or just the Google chrome home page.  I also like that you can customize the images on the tiles, the number of tiles and the background.  If you look below at the webmix of KET arts resources that I made today, you can see that I was able to upload images for each tile or I could just choose one of the standard icons.  Finally, I like that you can have several tabbed webmixes on the screen.

Picture 19

I do have one problem with Symbaloo – I really don’t like the big square in the middle of the screen.  I’d like to be able to delete it, move it, or at least use it as a title for the page, but those aren’t options.  All you seem to be able to do is choose whether it is a Google search box, another kind of widget, or, in my case, a “newsfeed,” which turned it into a big blank box.

Perhaps Symbaloo will get rid of the big box soon.  In the meantime, I do really like the concept and will enjoy using this page during my presentation next week!

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