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KET Arts Resources Symbaloo Webmix

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Looking for great Arts Education resources online?  Here is a webmix I made for a recent session on KET’s Arts Toolkits:


Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

I love exploring new online tools, or at least tools that are new to me!  Today, I was working on a presentation for next week and I decided to give Symbaloo a try.

Symbaloo is a way to bookmark resources for another group of people, such as a class, or for your own use.  For the most part, I really like it as a class resource organizer.  The biggest advantage Symbaloo may have over my other favorite site for curating resources, Livebinder, is that it has the familiar, at-a-glance appearance of a screen full of apps.  I, like most folks, am now very used to scanning a page and looking for a particular app, whether I am on an ipad, an android, or just the Google chrome home page.  I also like that you can customize the images on the tiles, the number of tiles and the background.  If you look below at the webmix of KET arts resources that I made today, you can see that I was able to upload images for each tile or I could just choose one of the standard icons.  Finally, I like that you can have several tabbed webmixes on the screen.

Picture 19

I do have one problem with Symbaloo – I really don’t like the big square in the middle of the screen.  I’d like to be able to delete it, move it, or at least use it as a title for the page, but those aren’t options.  All you seem to be able to do is choose whether it is a Google search box, another kind of widget, or, in my case, a “newsfeed,” which turned it into a big blank box.

Perhaps Symbaloo will get rid of the big box soon.  In the meantime, I do really like the concept and will enjoy using this page during my presentation next week!

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