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KET Arts Resources Symbaloo Webmix

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Looking for great Arts Education resources online?  Here is a webmix I made for a recent session on KET’s Arts Toolkits:


Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

I love exploring new online tools, or at least tools that are new to me!  Today, I was working on a presentation for next week and I decided to give Symbaloo a try.

Symbaloo is a way to bookmark resources for another group of people, such as a class, or for your own use.  For the most part, I really like it as a class resource organizer.  The biggest advantage Symbaloo may have over my other favorite site for curating resources, Livebinder, is that it has the familiar, at-a-glance appearance of a screen full of apps.  I, like most folks, am now very used to scanning a page and looking for a particular app, whether I am on an ipad, an android, or just the Google chrome home page.  I also like that you can customize the images on the tiles, the number of tiles and the background.  If you look below at the webmix of KET arts resources that I made today, you can see that I was able to upload images for each tile or I could just choose one of the standard icons.  Finally, I like that you can have several tabbed webmixes on the screen.

Picture 19

I do have one problem with Symbaloo – I really don’t like the big square in the middle of the screen.  I’d like to be able to delete it, move it, or at least use it as a title for the page, but those aren’t options.  All you seem to be able to do is choose whether it is a Google search box, another kind of widget, or, in my case, a “newsfeed,” which turned it into a big blank box.

Perhaps Symbaloo will get rid of the big box soon.  In the meantime, I do really like the concept and will enjoy using this page during my presentation next week!

Discovery Education: Student Accounts

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Experts agree that creating is the most important step in 21st century learning and teachers know that putting more control in the hands of their students is an effective way to engage them. If you are one of the many Kentucky educators that are using media rich projects to engage and educate your students, you need to know about Discovery Education’s student accounts.

Discovery has thousands of high quality full-length videos that have been thoughtfully segmented and over 20 thousand high resolution images, all of which can be downloaded and used by students for educational use.  This is a great service because there are many worthwhile multimedia projects which call for media from around the world or from a previous era.  In this case, students can’t really create their own media and must look for someone else’s images and video to use. Many will just jump on the Internet and start downloading media that is of inferior quality and possibly not intended for their use. With a Discovery account, students can legitimately download high quality images, video segments, and audio and they can copy and paste the citation into a document or slide as they go.

How much do student accounts cost? Nothing to Kentucky public schools. KET and KDE are already paying for all public school students and teachers to have Discovery Education accounts. All the districts must do is create and maintain the accounts. This process is not difficult and district techs are usually familiar with the process because they must occasionally create student accounts in other software programs. In fact, if you use Discovery Assessment, your students may all have an account already! The directions for uploading students are available here or you can watch Discovery Educations’s Webinar on Creating Student Accounts on their YouTube Channel:

In addition to using the accounts to provide access to great media, teachers can actually create writing prompts, quizzes, and other assignments and send them to students through their Discovery account. Discovery will grade the quizzes if they are multiple choice and save the results in teacher accounts. Writing prompts and short answer questions have to be graded by the teacher, but they are available within the teacher’s account. Here are the instructions for creating writing prompts and quizzes.

Interested in learning more?  Please contact your KET Education Consultant. We will be glad to help!

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