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How to create a podcast linked to a QR code

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

I have had several media specialists ask me about creating podcasts of student book reviews that can be accessed with QR codes, so I thought I would post a simplified explanation of the process.  After some thought, I decided this would be a great excuse to use LiveBinder, a very effective tool for collecting web resources and putting them together in one easy to navigate interface.  You can access the LiveBinder I created here and pass on reading the steps listed below since it is all there as well.  There is also a tab for a site created by Melinda Caldwell (Scott County) who has become the local QR code guru and has been creating podcasts and QR codes for quite sometime now.

The steps below are simply adapted from the LiveBinder referred to above:

Step 1: You must record the podcast. Garage Band is free and already loaded onto Macs (see the Garage Band tab in my LiveBinder for tutorials).  PC users can download Audacity, but you will also need to download something called the lame encoder to convert your file to an MP3 player.  This can be done from the Audacity site.

Step 2: You need to upload the podcast to a host on the web somewhere.  If it were a video, you would have numerous choices including schooltube, youtube, teachertube, and google docs. For some reason, there are fewer choices for audio files.  Kiwi6 is free and seems to work well.  You can easily set up an account and then upload the file.

Step 3: Once your mp3 file is on the web, you will need to find and copy the URL for it.  This is generally located in the “share” menu along with the embed code.

Step 4:  Use a free service like Google URL Shortener or Tiny URL to create a QR code.  They both do this automatically when you shorten the URL and they both track how many times the URL has been clicked.

Step 5: Copy and paste the QR code into a word doc and print!

Hello Northeastern Region!!

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Spring is here and, to me, it could not feel more appropriate as I grow into my new position as an Education Consultant at KET. I am really enjoying myself and, really, who wouldn’t? A big part of my job is to visit schools in my region, get to know the educators, share KET’s fabulous resources with them, and provide support to educators as they use them. I have already visited numerous teachers and media specialists and each meeting has provided me with a deeper understanding of the needs of educators and KET’s role in meeting them.

This position also means I get the great pleasure of learning about the innovative ways people are already using KET resources and other technology in education and I hope to share some of those stories with you as I develop this blog. Just this week I visited Melinda Caldwell (Northern Elementary, Scott County), who I have known for a number of yearsMelinda Caldwell at Northern Elementary. She has begun teaching third, fourth, and fifth graders how to make podcasts out of their booktalks, but instead of putting the podcasts online, she is attaching them directly to the book sitting on the library shelf! Melinda is using QR (quick response) codes, which are similar to barcodes, but can include more data, at least as I understand it. The students create podcasts of booktalks and then convert them to QR codes using special software. Melinda then puts a sticker with the QR code in the back of the corresponding library books. Anyone with a camera phone and the right app can then scan the code and hear the podcast!! I can’t claim to understand the whole process, but Melinda has agreed to come to our Multimedia Event this summer and share it! For more information about QR codes and related technologies, see Jeff Gray’s April 14 MediaWorks post.

Melinda is just one of many innovative educators I have met with in the past six weeks. Another LMS, Hollis Hart (Newport Junior High), is working on her first podcasts. As part of a biography unit, she is having students create mock interviews with famous people, record them digitally, and then post them on a website to share. I love learning about and sharing projects like these so please let me know what interesting things are happening in your schools! You can email me at anytime.

In addition, please let me know if you would like me to visit your school and provide an overview of our services to just you or to a small or large group. I’ll be happy to tailor the information to fit a particular grade level or content area. If it is after school, you can even receive PD time!

That is all for now!!  I’ll leave you with a few brief announcements from KET:

  • You can win an IPad from KET!! Don’t forget to visit our new EncycloMedia site at and complete the survey.
  • Registration for our summer Multimedia Professional Development Event is now open.  You can attend on either on the 12th or the 13th of July.  It is not only fun, but affordable at $50!!  Lunch is included.
  • If you still need a few PD hours for this year, we have several FREE workshops in the KET Media Lab.  You can check the schedule here.


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