Gov. Beshear’s Tax Overhaul Plan

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

The governor has proposed 22 recommendations for updating Kentucky’s tax system, which would reduce personal and business tax rates, and generate much needed revenue for the state.

Renee has a summary of Gov. Steve Beshear’s plan on KET’s Legislative Coverage site.

One Response to “Gov. Beshear’s Tax Overhaul Plan”

  1. David Warner says:

    I do think the taxpaying citizen of Kentucky needs a break, but whre does increasing the cigarette tax to $1 and lowering the alcohol industry tax helping us? I do agree cmoking is not healthy but neither is the comsumption of alcoho and from what I see this proposal will only increase the coffers of the alcohol industry. As it is now, Kentucky has one of the lowest excise tax on alcohol.

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