“Redbone Afropuff” Author Seeks to Undo “isms” and Affirm Roots

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Not knowing how nor wanting to fit in is what makes Mariam Williams and her cyber avatar “Redbone Afropuff” so appealing. The Louisville writer, performer, public speaker, and feminist’s trademark is denouncing the “isms” of society – sexism, racism and the social injustices they birth.

Williams exudes a new generation of “Black Womanism.” Her persona is a mashup of trendy, eye-catching aesthetics and a cultural throwback to Afrocentric roots; a reclamation of black beauty that shuns the forces of assimilation. It’s what she writes about, talks about, and lives out.

Mariam Williams knows the power of the pen as an instrument to record history and perhaps even make history. Her opinions have appeared in The Louisville Courier-Journal since 2009, and she’s also been published in Underwired Magazine, performed with the University of Louisville African American Theatre Program and the Juneteenth Legacy Theatre at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Williams fearlessly boasts her feminist philosophies and her mission to educate about sexism and racism, and you can find those thoughts on her blog RedBone Afropuff.

And, you can learn more about them in this weekend’s episode of “Connections with Renee Shaw” today at 5pm ET on KET2 and Sunday at 1:30pm on KET.

Here’s a preview of Williams on ‘Connections.’

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