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Scene of the Crime

Kenneth Branagh returns as detective Kurt Wallander

Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010

Kenneth Branagh (Henry V, Hamlet, Shackleton) returns to his remarkable Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated role as the soul-searching Swedish cop created by bestselling novelist Henning Mankell. “Wallander, Series II” features three gripping new Kurt Wallander cases based on the books that launched the craze for Nordic thrillers like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

“Wallander, II” airs on Masterpiece Mystery! Sundays, beginning Oct. 3 at 9/8 p.m. CT on KET and Thursdays, beginning Oct. 7 at 9/8 p.m. CT on KET2.

First, in “Faceless Killers,” Wallander investigates the brutal slaying of an elderly couple at an isolated farmhouse. The fallout from the case leads him to doubt everything, including his abilities as a police officer.

Then, an old friend contacts Wallander in “The Man Who Smiled.” The friend believes that his father has been murdered, but subsequent events convince the detective that there might be more to the case.

Finally, in “The Fifth Woman,” two seemingly unconnected cases lead Wallander to believe he is on the trail of a serial killer bent on revenge.

See you at St. James

Visit KET at the St. James Court Art Show

Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010

If you plan to attend the annual St. James Court Art Show this weekend amid gracious Old Louisville homes, be sure and stop by KET’s booth.

Throughout the acclaimed show, one of the top outdoor art shows in the country, KET staff members and volunteers will be on hand to distribute program information, showcase KET’s arts and cultural programming, and offer a special gift to fair-goers.

You’ll find KET’s booth close to the Magnolia Ave. end of St. James Court.

The Tenth Inning

Ken Burns’ Baseball goes into extra innings

Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010

Thousands of bats, three home run records and one “curse” have been broken since Ken Burns last explored the history of America’s national pastime with his 1994 series Baseball. Now, Burns and co-director Lynn Novick update the series with The Tenth Inning, airing Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 28 – 29, at 8/7 p.m. CT on KET; Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 10/9 p.m. CT on KET; and Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 10:30/9:30 p.m. CT on KET2.

Beginning with a crippling strike that alienated millions of fans and brought the game to the brink, this new film tells the tumultuous story of our national pastime up to the present. It celebrates baseball’s new Golden Age – an era of unprecedented home run totals, popularity and prosperity – and sheds light on one of the game’s darkest chapters – the steroid era.

The two-part, four-hour film examines the compelling stories of Joe Torre, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Pedro Martinez, Ichiro Suzuki, Cal Ripken Jr., and Barry Bonds and features insightful commentary from an eclectic lineup of writers, broadcasters, fans, and all-stars.

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